Weapon: argent wolf blade

The argent wolf blade hails from the soulslike anime game dubbed code vein a personal favourite of mine for it’s story, character creation and combat

I made the argent wolf blade as a near excat mirror image of the weapon that the code vein version of my self moc Sora uses in the game. the blade is a one handed type weapon within the game despite its overcompensating size however both one and two handed are possible with the sword including dual weilding

The blade also has the same way Toa sora’s elemental blade can is well a stable form of storage on the moc even if his wings get in the way

Feel free to comment any thoughts or opinions on the weapon below i;m willing to listen to whatever is said


Nice sword, it looks really cool.

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That’s a good blade design. I’ve never seen those ninjago katana blades used this way before.
I’d suggest you to bulk up that handguard a little bit though, to match the original better.

Also, since you’re fairly new here, I consider my duty to warn you about something: if a person named @Ghid finds this topic, run!


Nice build, i like it!

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I like it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen those swords used in such an orientation.

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Nice solid sword design

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