Web of Shadows Titan revamps (From Keetongu to Voporak)

This originally started as a tribute to one of my favourite sets back in the day when I was a kid which was the big 3-in-1 Voporak set. I had hours of fun with it building and rebuilding the sets and combo models. So to keep that spirit of combining intact I revamped the set and then used the pieces of those models to revamp the combo models




And the combo models: The Shadowed One, Sentrahk and Voporak


Nice, this is very cool!
I like how the revamp of TSO, now he looks like Anubis which is kinda cool in my opinion

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Very nice, I like the shaping.

Everything just looks so on point, especially the heads. If I had one thing to change it would be that Sidorak has a very thin neck other than that they are fantastic. I especially love the unique looks of the "combiners.

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All of the combo models are very slick revamps! Awesome job, and I especially like Sentrakh’s look! I also like how Keetongu, Sidorak, and Roodaka look like their movie counterparts!

However, I think Sidorak’s head is a bit too big, and Roodaka’s eyes are also a bit too big as well, but those are minor nitpicks which don’t conceal the fact that they’re massive upgrades from the originals.

Keetongu, on the other hand, is just awesome.


These are AWESOME!!! :smiley:

Excellent work! These are amazing! I can’t wait to see what’s next

Interesting, I never thought about it but your right the actual model does look like a third leg, it’s always shown that way too on the floor using the foot. Never noticed that before.

Great work! I really love keetongu

Keetongu looks fantastic, Roodaka is impressively sculpted, and Sidorak… has a really big head… but otherwise these are great!

Yeah, he is pretty egotistical.


The combiners look like they actually are combiners of the other revamps.
(Keetongu has those dekar masks and Sentrahk and Voporak have them aswell, in Sidoraks blade is used in both of his combiners, TSOs ears are the pieces used on Roodakas legs, Voporaks shoulders use the same piece as Sidorak, Sentrahks shield is mostly made of of Keetongus hat and some more stuff)

Maybe I‘m reading too much into it but are they actually combiners?
Edit: I. Am. Blind. It literally was written in the description.


These are killer! Best Shadowed One moc I’ve ever seen