Website security questions

Now I thought about putting this in the internet category, but that is in the entertainment section. And this is anything but entertaining.

You know what security questions are. They are questions used just in case there is some suspicious activity going on with your account on any website that makes use of them. The questions are usually stuff like “what street did you live on at age 10?” or “what is your mother’s maiden name?”

Some websites are all alright and some are not. Let me give you an example of a frustrating experience I just had with security questions. My bank occasionally makes me reset my password for my online account and when that happens, I have to reset the security questions for said account. The majority of the questions I got to choose from this time could only be used by married individuals with active families… I am 20 and single. You see where the issue is here?

So what are your experiences with security questions? Good? Bad? Also, please only state details that you are comfortable with sharing…like I did. You don’t need to state any personal information to describe your experiences.

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I’m just going to say that people should be aware that it would be very easy to figure out the answers to these kinds of security questions in this age of shudders social media. It’s better to put in fake info that you can remember.


forgetting what you awsered xd