Week day Revamp hub!

So this is my hub for my week day revamps.(Thank you Risebell for telling me I should do this never would have thought of it myself.

So here are all the mocs I've already made.

New mocs will be posted here every week day (Should I post them in the replys or edit them onto the topic I.D.K. which way i'm supposed to do it.)

UUUGGHHH dangit First Ehlek now this! So long story short I got home ate dinner went and watched a movie then came home. BBBBBUUUUUUTTTT that left no time for moc making so here take a av Matoran named Greg.

Ok so now I'm back o track

Here are three mini Toa Mata.

My least favorite Pohatu

My second favorite Tahu

And finally the best one Onua (It's funny character wise my favorites are opposite)

They form the Toa Kaita Akaimai the actual creation!

Them split up and ready to combine!

(Akaimai has his own head and sword)

The left over parts. Please leave constructive criticism


Either, or even both is fine :smiley:

Ok thanks for the help.

I like these types of littler recreations. (And Gadunka, too). Hewkii's feet seem off, and the legs could use some spikes. The mask also looks kinda big, but I guess there's nothing you can really do about that.

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That looks great! Akamai is a bit thin though.

Also you should totally do Wairuha next. crocodile cat tangerine christmas_tree sunny dog bear chicken rabbit2 balloon boy baggage_claim lipstick

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