Ween (The Band)

Ween. A pretty weird band, known for their bizarre sense of humor and their amazing live shows. They started out as Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo (AKA Gene Ween and Dean Ween), before expanding to become a full band by adding drummer Claude Coleman Jr, bass player Dave Dreiwitz, and keyboardist Glenn McClelland. They formed in 1984 and had a pretty great run before eventually breaking up in 2012 due to Aaron’s interest in a solo career. However, they have since gotten back together and are playing a number of live shows this year.

You all may know them for Ocean Man, that song from the Spongebob movie. Though they’ve had a few other hits, such as these songs:

While a lot of their earlier music isn’t exactly safe for work (just look at the first song on their debut album or the cover of their 4th album), they eventually matured over time and became one of the greatest bands I’ve ever heard. Here’s a few personal favorite songs of mine by them:

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