Weird MOC I made in an hour

Here’s some guy I made in my spare time. My original idea was to challenge myself to make a moc that can pull off conflicting textures. I wanted the pearl gray to be smooth, and the dark red to be rough and bionicle-y. So, you can tell me if I did or not.

The green staff/weapon/iunno thingy is on a loose swivel so it can spin.

His back.

His insides were so illegal that the camera blurred it out. Oops.

This image hides some of the illegalities, so It was allowed.

But yeah, I had a couple hours to spare, so I decided to get back to building bionicles instead of actually being productive.


Nice- the illegal techniques work well here though.

seems abit messy

maybe some tiddying up can help

otherwise he’s ok

For a Moc built in an hour he is very impressive. The weapon is cool too!

Would it be less impressive if I told you alot of the ideas used I already had built in the past, and were easy to re-build?

That was the plan :3



Not bad.
I like the overall look.

Nice staff. The illegal techniques work simply because they’re covered.

That’s awesome looking for one hour!

Not in my opinion

For one hour, this is amazing.

Again, most of the components were either mostly already built, or were fresh in my mind.

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Really impressive for the amount of time spent. I just wish you could have incorporated more trans green into the main build

I wish so too. All I had of it were those bohrok eyes. More are on their way, though.