Weird profiles bug

I don't know what this is, but it's affecting all the profiles I look at, I'm hoping it's just a bug.

hope @Nyran doesn't mind me using him as an example.

seriously, what's happening? I keep reloading and it stays like this.

is it an update or something?


I haven't the slightest clue, but this is weird.

I'll bring it up with @IllustriousVar and @Kahi...

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I checked my preferences and it has an option for User Card Background,
so I'm thinking it may be an update, or a bug that reverted things to an earlier version,
either way it's less convenient to use, so I call it a problem.


Upon further inspection, I myself also have this issue.

This, compiled with other things leaves me to believe that it may possibly be tied to them finally fixing the mobile version, but it could just be a bug.


It appears I have been getting the same problem.

I'm glad it's not just me,
and yeah that sounds like a reasonable explanation.
hope it gets fixed soon this is pretty ugly.


Yeah earlier today the site had some weird issue on the top bar thing that follows you. To where it was clear, and to where I couldn't click anything on it. Seems fine now.

Not for me. I still can't even click the messages button without going to the top of a topic.

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This isn't a bug, the software is in the process of being updated. There have been a lot of intentional changes to the boards graphically and major overhaul on several systems, the CSS just needs to be updated as well.

Unfortunately we get no warning when updates like this are made, so we can't prepare our CSS ahead of time.


that explains why it looks broken in places,

speaking of broken, the All tab is showing the posts tab's info.
pretty sure that is a bug, and not just from the update.

So I fell out of being active on the forums for about 2 weeks and my profile says fell back down to regular user, but I am still able to view the highly suspect hideout topics.

Obviously, you use hacks
there is no other reason

Well, you are still a Master but thing is: It says regular again like it did back in the day.

You can still re-equip the Master Badge, though.

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What about the User Card Badges?

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