Weird things you've found yourself saying while building?

What kinds of strange things have you said while building that would sound really odd out of context?

“Am I an idiot? … Yep”

“Why is there a box of surgical gloves down here?”

Keep it clean, folks.


You don’t want to know.

Edit: changed my mind.
“Come on, work…”
“I know this piece from somewhere.”
“What is this piece again?”

‘why am i always short on bones?’


I find myself saying this a lot.

Also “GOT YOU.” which is usually followed by mad cackling then me saying “Wait that’s stupid.”

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“Why didn’t I think of that before!” and “this would be so much simpler if I weren’t such a purist” oh and “hmmmm i need more parts, time to look at bricklink”

“The designer must have been high designing this piece”


“That fits inside that hole nicely

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“This is more unstable then Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor.”

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“These magic pieces keep falling off my desk and bouncing underneath it without fail.”

“Am I blind? Are these pieces alive? I literally just put it right here and now it’s gone.”

“My brain is empty.”

“I know this is possible, I just have to figure out how.”

Also reminiscing over when I would MOC on the floor and have a 2ft circle of pieces and bins surrounding me.


that’s it?

“Here comes the trcky part”
“How many of these do i have”
“Where are you”
These are th things i know i say a lot but there might be more

“What manor of thing…”
" There you are!"
“Oh, no that doesn’t work”
“What if I…”
(forehead thunk on desk) “UUUuuuugggghhhhhhhh…”
“Bupe… bupe, bupe… bupe… aaannnddd… bupe”
(Multitudinous nonsense in various accents)


Dude, I still do this

“Where is that gosh darn stupid… oh hey, there it is”

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“Didn’t I have more of these?”


This, coupled with the classic “Just fwoop that there.”

“Put that there, that goes there, just fwoop that in there, wait where’d that piece go, oh there it is, just boop in, aaaaand there we go. I hate it. Why’d I make this? This is awful.”

And then whatever noise it is when you nibble on the blue and black pins.


“Oh look, it’s the piece! Oh wait it’s a deferent colour, stupid lighting”
“Why do they have to been all snapped!”
“What’s that LEGO pieces doing in this tray?”

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Mutters something about how I am going to destroy my Dungeons and Dragons players.


Many many many justifications for a different color peice becuase I don’t have a pair. Cyber limbs, some special army general armor peice, as I used to say myself very early on “junk camo”

Then you find out you do; buried inside another moc that you can’t or don’t want to take apart

I haven’t MOCd in a long time, and when I do I’m mostly silent, but…

Why did I throw that piece away?

Of course, NOW I need that piece.

Do I need to use a rubber band?

And my favorite:



demonic screeching as i search for that one piece i just saw