Weirdest themes ever

I was surprised when I could not find any topic about this, considering that TTV made a whole video about it. Feel free to move this topic if it already exists.
But which are the weirdest themes in your opinions? Weird does not necessarily mean bad, Chima, for example. In my opinion, one of the weirdest themes ever has to be Mixels. While I actually liked it, it’s definitely one of the most weird themes ever. Your opinions?
(Let’s exclude Themes such as Galidor, Znap, or Clickits for this topic otherwise everybody will say that those are the weirdest. Let’s take “regular” themes for this Topic, OK?)


Bionicle must look really weird to the outsider.


Yeah, I agree. My mom looks at my sets and says something like “This guy looks so creepy!”,

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Lolchima. It’s a bunch of drug lord furries.


But do you consider it weird in a good or a bad way?

Bad. Veeeeeeery bad

Well, that is your opinion, but Chima a good theme to me…

It was quite generally disliked story wise. Some of the sets were ok imo, and some of the mini figures parts are useful. It’s just a very strange and poorly done story imo

What do you mean? Galidor is the greatest, most ordinary amazing thing to ever grace this flat disk of a planet we call Earth.


Well, while you might like it, most people hate it apparently (not myself). It was weird beacuse of that pieces it used. They look almost like some random action figure Toys…

one theme that was very odd was insectoids. the concept of insect shaped spaceships is a very strange one. roboriders was quite weird aswell. especially when concidering the lore that lego came up with for the theme.

(I think, could be wrong, but think, he’s being sarcastic)

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no. this big genis is the most serious a man could be.
galidor is the single most innovative and most creative thing lego has ever done.

No, seriously Galidor is really creative despite it being a flop. It was executed kinda poorly though.

I personally find Ninjago really weird in concept. Spinjutsu is just so out of there, its kinda hard for me to take seriously.


Roboforce. It only had 4 sets, and all of them were very bizarre. Some like Insectoids or Unitron were kinda weird too, but they’re not this

And to make it even worse trying to get them, they were only sold in the US, as far as I know


Can you please post images of the other four sets? This one doesn’t seem verry odd

It might not seem as weird to some, but it certainly does to me


I’m very triggered by the fact that the robots have legs that they don’t even use, because there are wheels on the feet.

Must be training for the roller derby tournament.

I cannot believe anyone hasn’t mentioned Fabuland yet.

I mean this is supposed to be a taxi and a depot? Yet it looks more like a prison and old police car. Also, the figures

These look like something out of a fever dream…


Definitely Time Cruisers.


Lego UFO is pretty strange to me. There are so many brick elements that are no longer used in that line and it’s psuedo sequel Insectoids that it makes me appreciate it’s uniqueness. Hell most of the 1990’s Space and Aquanauts sets have a sort of surrealism that is really beautiful. That era was what Lego was and it’s kinda sad to see Chrome and most translucent pieces that were once very prominent in those sets all gone.