Weirdwolf (Wolfwire)

Well, here’s my latest Moc! Another transformer, this time a real one. So here is Weirdwolf, AKA Wolfwire. I’m actually ordering the Titans Return figure today, so that’ll be fun. Toy pics coming soon!


This is amazing! Both modes look fantastic. The only thing that’s really missing is the head master function, but I can’t think of any logical way you would have been able to pull that off. Outstanding work here.

Thank you! and yeah, i tried the headmaster thing a few times, but it just didn’t work out. Not with the way I have the wolf head going down on his chest.

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This is MUCH more colorful. Cool transformation

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Just add the headmaster feature and you’ve got yourself a nifty MOC.

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Yeah, but like @MaxinePrimal said, there’s not really any easy way to do that with the design.