Welcome (and help)

Hello! I’ve made my triumphant return after a long time of inactivity. While I have no MoCs or the like to show wright now, I do have a little question about the rules.

On my last topic, I was going through and replying to various comments, however, I was told off for double posting, which is very fairly against the rules. However, this has left me in a bit of a pickle, I have no idea how I should go about replying to comments, if the standard reply button makes me break the rules, any help/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

P.S, here’s a preview of my Gen 2 self-Moc ;3


Thanks for the advice (Is this how you quotes?)

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Of course! more pictures will be coming + a backstory, etc.

Thanks all of you for the help as well! <3


I went through the same thing when I was new here. Just use quotes.


Well there are a couple options

  1. Putting @Nameoftheguywhoyouaretryingtoreplyto
    Before your response
  2. Quotting multiple people on the same post by highlighting their posts and clicking “quote post”


Option 1:
@The_Takuafan Yes thats how you do it

Option 2:

Yes thats how you do it


As @Asriel said, there is two ways to reply to multiple people.
I’ll go over them in detail.
This is the best way to do it imo, and the easiest.
So say someone (we’ll just call them “MrMemeo”) wants to reply to two people, RobbieRipe (reference), and DadGrand.
This is not the way to do it.
RobbieRipe: Oi this MOC is gr8 how did you make that torso
DadGrand: This be a good moc but the colors are meh
MrMemeo: Thanks i made the torso with insert instructions here.
MrMemeo: I will fix the colors later thanks
This is how you do it.
RobbieRipe: Oi this MOC is gr8 how did you make that torso
DadGrand: This be a good moc but the colors are meh
MrMemeo: @RobbieRipe
Thanks i made the torso with insert instructions here.
I will fix the colors later thanks

I usually double check before replying with mentions, but this is optional.

This is the more difficult option imo, but it works. i personally dont use it
Let’s use the same conversation, but with actual users.
Here’s how you do it, since doing it wrong is the same as method 1.

I made the torso with blablablabla

I will change the colors thanks

There ya go.
That’s how you do it.


I feel the need to clarify something no one else bothered to, double posting is when you post more than once between others posts, if you post and some else posts you don’t have to edit your post to reply to them.
Basically, you can only post one post at a time in any given topic, you reply to whoever you want to in a single post, if you want to add anything you can just edit the post, but if someone else then posts and you want to reply to them you can just make a new post.

Also you can double post in creative content if it’s an update on your work(moc, art, etc.)

[details=(warning long)]
If you have a extortionately
I would recommend Hiding the Detail (can be configured from the :gear: icon)[/details]


Welcome back! I like this MOC, but it needs more pictures so I can see more!

You can still reply to stuff in a separate post, a Double Post is just when there’s two posts in a row by the same person.

Like, you can reply to this post without editing your previous ones. Most people are bothered when people edit all their replies into one single post because it makes reading through a topic very confusing.


The issue is not with pressing the reply button, it is posting twice in a row, as outlined in this topic:

If you wish to introduce yourself, please do so in this topic:

Hopefully that answers your questions! If you have any more, don’t hesitate to PM me or another mod for assistance. To PM, simply press the avatar of the user, then press the blue “message” button.

In the meantime, since it seems your question has been answered, I’ll be closing this topic.