Well I'm already off to a good start of people hating me

well I made a post about half an hour ago and I was saying that I was the creator of the fake Reviving Bionicle 4 and when I asked the creator of Reviving Bionicle he said yeah you can create a knockoff series but you would have to change the name so I changed the name and I was explaining this to one of the commenters of my previous post and suddenly out of nowhere someone flagged my post saying I was supposedly impersonating someone which is not true and they were also saying that I was advertising something so please tell me what was i advertising and who was i impersonating look I just got here today and I’m already off to a bad start

-I don’t understand why you were thought to be imitating someone.
-People thought you were advertising because you seemed to put emphasis on your channel. If you wanna introduce yourself, we have a topic for this: