Wendigo moc

I was experimenting with colours on my self moc and I swapped out the mask, added some horns, and changed the colour to blue and it looks like the wendigo!
Also Prpl said she liked wendigos in her AMA so… @prpldragon

Close up


It’s super simple, but there isn’t anything awful about it.

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Thank’s dude! I made it by mistake after all :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s beautiful /s

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Since good and sinple, I like it

Hybridization of armor kinda irks me (half Skull armor half Toa armor) but other than that, it’s a CCBS build. Can’t complain about that I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to make it look like a toa was taken over by the spirit of the wendigo, Like he’s scrapped together armour of the remains of his victims

wendigo ^

and my work here is done.

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That’s the creature wendigo, I was thinking more of the people who get taken over by the spirit of the wendigo. Like in lost tapes

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as of doing a quick google search its either

this kind of wendigo, or the other one. because both have been the results i have been getting even with the “lost tapes” in the search

I mean this thing

a possessed person wearing the skull of an animal it has killed.
I got the blue icey look from marvel’s wendigo

He’s just mad that he spilled ketchup all over himself.


Looks large and not cute. I like it

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Spot on

Besides the whole ice marvel wendigo thing, thats still the same from the first picture I sent except he had the consciousness to put on some clothes for when He wants to go shopping for more clothes because of that BBQ sauce stain he made.

I’ll show you a real wendigo!

All jokes aside, i like how you moc looks and i love the concept for the moc! :smile:

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Not really, that’s a man under that skull. Your picture was the wendigo creature
Oh my lord… that thing is… Beautiful :heart_eyes:

I love that the Until Dawn variant of the Wendigo (Image 2) wound up making its way into this topic; that version’s arguably the deadliest on this page, especially since the one being displayed is the Makkapitew, the strongest spirit of them all according to the game’s lore. Too bad that merely mentioning its existence sort of spoils the major plot twist of an otherwise amazing experience…

As for the MoC itself, it’s pretty interesting as a starting point, but I can’t help but wonder what it might look like if it had a bit more time invested into its concept and design. For example, those possessed by the spirit allegedly tend to permanently morph into the creature itself if left to their own devices for too long, and then it moves onto someone else once that host body eventually dies. If you look closely at your source image, this version addresses the metamorphosis aspect by giving the possessed claws that can rip other beings to shreds by themselves, thus eliminating the need for a weapon and pulling off a much more bestial look in the process.
So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that it might actually read a bit more as a Wendigo if you were to compromise a little and incorporate some additional aspects from the other pictures, such as the elongated/digitigrade limbs, the hooves, or even just the claws while still managing to keep it vaguely humanoid in appearance.

Love this