Were "Acid Flies" these things of BIONICLE Heroes?

So in BIONICLE Heroes, they were these really basic creations that moved around like dragonflies. They looked like this:

My question is, where were they officially referred to as “Acid Fly”? Was it in the credits of Heroes or something? Or was it just a popularized misconception of a nameless thing? BioSector01 refer to it as such and you know how careful they are with their information.

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Supposedly Balta calls them Acid Flies in-game. See here: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/File:BH_Acid_Fly.png

Huh. In like a cutscene or in-game text?

Not sure, but here’s the discussion on BS01.

Anyway, the Acid Fly image has been removed from the Rahi page until we get further confirmation.

Sort of unrelated, but I can’t be the only one that found Hewkii’s tendency to torture these poor animals to death quite disturbing. I mean, he bends their wings backwards while the creature screams and eventually dies. All the Toa kills these creatures, but all the others at least do it quickly. Hewkii is just a psychopath.


So, to close the case, the dragonfly Rahi of the BIONICLE Heroes was called an Acid Fly on a random wiki (https://bioniclegames.fandom.com/wiki/Acid_Fly) and I was brave enough to assume it has an official source. After searching for a mention of this rahi for months, I finally find the only one official mention of the Rahi, and it was made by Mutran in BL9: Shadows in the Sky

“Icarax?” said Mutran. “For a handful of Toa and half a village of Matoran? Isn’t that like calling in
a Tahtorak to squash an acidfly?"

So yeah, the Bionicle Games Wiki was wrong, and this sentence is the reason why the Acidfly is a canon Rahi