Were some of the Glatorian turned into Toa?

I know, weird title. What I mean was, in The Legend Reborn Mata Nui used his mask to give his friends elemental power. Did that make them Toa or not? And would Mata Nui in his physical form be considered a Toa? I think the Mata Nui one would be true because his Titan set is called Toa Mata Nui. But if they were turned into Toa, then could they form a Kaita? Mata Nui also kept on saying that they had traits of a true Toa, so that is another factor, but I’m mainly questioning if it is true, then could they form a Kaita?

Toa mata nui isn’t canon set-wise, though if the ignika formed a body using it’s power and was considered a toa, then mata nui forming a body using the same power would also make him a toa.

However I wouldn’t say the glatorians who were given elemental energy became toa, as the ignika didn’t change their biology as far as we know, as for

Toa have a code and are regarded highly in the gsr, it’s basically the equivalent of saying they exemplify the traits of a true knight.

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I think them being called Toa was more of an honorary title as opposed to them being actual Toa, because the Glatorian are fully organic while the Toa are biomechanical.


Here’s a quote from Biosector’s page on Mata-Nui

“Mata Nui touched Ackar’s weapon to his mask and transformed the blade,”

Mata-Nui didn’t alter the Glatorian. he altered their weapons. However, the rest of the above quote is interesting.

“imbuing Ackar with the power to channel Fire through the weapon.”
I think we can gather from all this that though Mata-Nui didn’t alter the Glatorian, the changes he made to their weapons may have only allowed the owner to use its powers.
Or at least the weapons required a link to a living being to function in their entirety.


Yeah, and we do know that the Great Beings experimented on their own kind. Perhaps they gave them dormant Elemental abilities and Mata Nui only unlocked them.

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Perhaps due to their fully organic biology the Glatorian couldn’t properly use or control their dormant powers. Which eventually led to the idea of constructing biomechanical beings.

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I believe Greg stated at some point that Mata Nui was unlocking the ability of Ackar, Kiinda, Gresh, Tarix, and Vastus to actually wield those elements as a Toa would, he just claimed to be transforming the weapons because it would freak the Glatorian out if they knew they had gained so much power.

All of the Agori and Glatorian have latent elemental powers, which the GBs possessed the technology to activate and enhance (a la the Element Lords). The Toa were based off of the Element Lords, but are an entirely separate race from the Glatorian. The Glatorian that were given elemental powers are not toa, they simply have awakened elemental powers that are slightly weaker than a Toa’s, and the Glatorian also do not have a moral code or the potential to become Turaga. They are probably called Toa as Mata Nui has no other word for elemental masters.

The commercials called them Glatorian Legends. So it’s either Mata Nui thought Legends wasn’t a good enough name or its non canon.

Commercials don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to canonicity.