Were some Toa Hagah teams formed at different times?

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So recently there’s been quite a lot of discussion on BS01 on whether all Toa Hagah teams were formed at the same time, mainly regarding the formation of Terdiax’s team, but we don’t have any sort of confirmation. There have been some arguments made in favor or against the idea, so I’ll show them to you so you can decide, because we don’t seem able to reach a conclusion. Just keep a few things in mind: the BoM must have started the recruitment after Teridax’s betrayal of Miserix (because the latter didn’t know what Toa Hagah were when he met them) which was 79,100 YA, and they must have started it before Spiriah’s exile (because he had a Hagah team) which was around 75,000-70,000 YA.

Arguments for them having been formed at the same time:

  1. In No One Gets Left Behind, the story of Varian and Norik (thus taking place before the creation of Teridax’s team), a DH uses a Kanoka, but Kanoka were first invented in Metru Nui 4,000 YA. You did once say that they may have been discovered at different times in different places because Ancient used them 7,000 YA, but 64,000+ years are a ridicoulus amount of time for them to have not reached Metru Nui.
  2. Teridax might have at first thought that he didn’t need a team to protect him because of his arrogant underestimation of his enemies and so opted out like many others did, but may have changed his mind later, or having a Hagah team may have not been mandatory and was just something that Makuta started doing individually.

Arguments for them having been formed at the same time:

  1. Being the leader of the Brotherhood, Teridax would supposedly want to have a team to protect him before the other Makuta.
  2. It would be weird for the teams to have been formed at different times.

I personally agree with the first option, but what do you think?

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Um, both lists are arguments for them being formed at the same time? maybe you want to change that.

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