Were the Hagah teams formed simultaneously?

Were all the seven Toa Hagah teams, the teams the Makuta made to protect them, all assembled at the same time, or were some formed before others?


Just bumping this since it’s been a while, and providing some context.

There’s a debate on this that recently happened on BS01. On the one hand, some people argue that the simplest explanation is that when the decision to recruit Hagah teams was made, 70K+ years before the “present time” in Bionicle History, that all the teams for the Makuta who wanted them were sought and recruited within a relatively short timespan. Considering that Spiriah had a Hagah team, that would mean all the Hagah were recruited before his failure at Zakaz (between 70K and 75K years ago). The other side of the discussion argues that it is entirely possible that folks like Teridax (arrogant to a fault) would have delayed getting a Hagah team just because they didn’t think they needed one. The big point is that there is ambiguity here and it could have happened either way based on what we know. The big impetus for this discussion is narrowing down the dates of the No One Gets Left Behind short story about Toa Varian (provided via a contest). Since, in the Story, Norik is not yet part of a Hagah Team, it has to take place before the Hagah form. If the various Hagah teams were formed at relatively the same time shortly after the decision to recruit them was made (between 79,100 years ago and 70Kish years ago), then No One Gets Left Behind happens in there. If they did not come together at relatively the same time, there is a huge window of time in which it could have happened. Currently it could have taken place at earliest, Between 79,100 and 70K+ years ago, or at latest 7K+ years ago. Big ol’ 63,000 year window in the timeline that we’d like a little help with.

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Yeah actually, I was the one who brought up the question on BS01 back in on February 10th in the Talk:Timeline/History of the Matoran Universe.

I’d like to add two points in favor of the teams being formed separately, the first one being the most important, namely that in NOGLB a DH uses Kanoka. If the teams had all been formed at the same time, it would mean that Kanoka were already in use 70,000+ YA, but that would contradict the fact that Kanoka were discovered in Metru Nui 4,000 YA. An argument made against this is that Greg did say that Kanoka may have been created in different places at different times, because Ancient used Kanoka 7,000 (in BL4), but there’s a difference between Kanoka not reaching Metru Nui for 3,000 years and not reaching it for 64,000 years. The second point is that having Hagah teams may have not been mandatory. It may have simply been that one Makuta thought he could have a use for a guard team, and then some others liked the idea and did the same at different times.

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Since it’s a huge gap in the story/timeline and there were so many debates on that topic on the BS01, could we ask for your help with this?

I do not believe that they would have all happened at the same time, simply because it would take time to recruit Toa for this. And, as was pointed out here, it would have been more of a priority for some Makuta than for others. If your region was not a particularly dangerous one, there would have been no rush to get yourself a security detail. And there were probably at least a few Makuta who were initially resistant to the idea of Toa hanging around all the time.

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