Were you involved in the Bionicle/Ninjago Videogames?

Hey Greg,
I just recently got Bionicle Heroes, and I am at the point of almost complete it. Great game. But were you actually involved in this game (or the other Bionicle Games) or were they just made by people who were not necessarily Bionicle fans? Also, why nowdays only licenced games get relised? LEGO Worlds and LEGO City Undercover are way better then any other licenced games. Also, even though a small game, really Enjoyed Ninjago Shadow of Ronin. Let’s be honest. How many more DC and Marvel games do we really need? Sure DC Super Villains is a great game, but still would rather have something original, like the early LEGO Video Games.

No, not at all. The video games were done by outside companies.