WH40K RP: The Forge of War (signups)

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In the 41st millennium there is only war. In the Grimdark future blood is shed throughout the galaxy with no sign of stopping. Here the Imperium of man’s bravest soldiers the Imperial guard fight and die to protect those who they will never know.

This RP will be a little different to anything you will have previously seen as I shall be using a point based system to dictate what you can get. You will pick from a select list, however if you want something not on the list simply ask me and I will go over it to see if it works.

First up you will pick a regiment (If you want info on a particular regiment such as how they dress please ask me in the lore OOC chat) also naturally a regiments exclusive gear is not effected by any discounts they get and if you have multiple choices for exclusive gear you may only take one piece of exclusive gear. You can only take one weapon from each section (unless your regiment says otherwise). You can only take one piece of armour but you can take as much wargear as you can afford.

You have 100 points spend them wisely, happy shopping!


  • Cadian shock troops (+ 10 points)

-Valhallan ice warriors (-5pts to explosive weapons +exclusive gear: autocannon)

-Vostroyan firstborn (-5pts to plasma weapons + exclusive gear: plasma caliver)

-Tallaran desert raiders (-10pts to sniper rifles, long las and grapple guns)

-Armageddon steel legion (grenades at half price +exclusive gear: missile launcher)

-Tanith first (and only) (-5pts to arrows and camo)

-Mordian Iron guard (-5pts to shotguns and webguns + exclusive gear: heavy webber)

-Catachan jungle fighters (-5pts to flamer weapons + exclusive gear: heavy flamer)

-Death Korps of Kreig (free shovel and respirator + exclusive gear: heavy stubber)

-Elysian drop troops (-5pts to carapace armour +exclusive gear: grav chute)

-Ventirillian nobles (exclusive gear: arc rifle,arc pistol, taser goad)

-Preatorian guard (exclusive gear: galvanic rifle, phosphor serpentia, transonic razor)

-Savlar chem dogs (-5pts to autoguns, stub revolvers, sniper rifles +exclusive gear: combat stims)

-Necromundan 8th (exclusive gear: chemthrower (female only), flachette pistol, renderizer axe (male only ). )

-Atillian rough-riders (mount and rough ride lance are half price +exclusive gear steed armour)

-Doorokian fen guard (-10pts to hotshot las guns -5 to bolters)

-Maccebian jannisaries (-5pts to all melta weapons +exclusive gear repentia chainsword)

-Brontian longknives (take three non-primary melee weapons or two primary melee weapons)

Weaponry (Primary)
-las gun-20pts


-plasma gun-55pts


-melta gun-45pts

-long las-40pts

-Hotshot lasgun-40pts

-Hotshot volleygun-60pts





-grenade launcher-45pts

(exclusive gear)

-Plasma caliver-60pts

-Missile launcher-65pts

-Heavy webber-55pts

-Heavy flamer-70pts

-Heavy stubber 55pts

-Arc rifle-45pts

-Galvanic rifle-45pts


Melee primary weapons

-Power sword-30pts

-Rough ride lance-35pts (requires a steed)

-Power maul-25pts

-Power fist-30pts

(Exclusive gear)
-Repentia chainsword-40pts (requires two hands)

Secondary weapons
-Las pistol-free

-Auto pistol-free

-Stub revolver-10pts

-Plasma pistol-25pts

-Hand flamer-20pts

-inferno pistol-20pts

-hand crossbow-5pts

-hotshot las pistol-15pts

-hand cannon-20pts

-web pistol-15pts

(Exclusive gear)
-Flechette pistol-20pts

-Phosphor serpentia-20pts

-Arc pistol-20pts

Melee weapons (non primary)

-Fighting knife-free

-combat sword-10pts




-Sub-flak armour-30pts

-Flak armour-35pts

-Carapace armour-50pts


(exclusive gear)
-Steed armour


-Frag grenades-10pts (3)

-Krak grendades-10pts (3)

-Flares-10pts (5)

-Explosive crossbow bolts-25pts (20)

-Noisemaker crossbow bolts-25pts (15)

-Melta bomb-10pts

-Tranquilliser crossbow bolts-15pts (20)




-grapple gun-15pts

(exclusive gear)

-Grav chute-30pts

-Combat stims-15pts

Character sheet




Inventory:(Mention the price for each bit of equipment)




Name: Pyotor Bashemall

Regiment: Vostroyan Firstborn

Gender: Male

Inventory: Plasma gun (50pts), power fist (30pts), frag grenades and krak grenades (20pts)

Biography: Pyotor was brought up in the harsh clime of his homeworld on nothing but potato bear kvass and the strange meat given to him in Guard rations. He learned early on to snort metal so that his battle prowess may be increased by the Omnissiah and went on to serve the emperah faithfully for the next week. Having survived that week, he was promoted to sergant.

Appearance: Very full beard which he braids lighted matches into. He is covered in grime which gives what skin of his that is visible a very dingy color. He proudly wears a large fur hat instead of the standard issue helmet.


One gun and no armour? I like you. Accepted. Welcome to the guard

No armor needed when you have Vostroyan squat.


Name: 2113, “Lucky 13”, 13

Regiment: Death Korps of Krieg

Gender: Irrelevant


  • Las-gun - with Bayonet (20p)
  • Shovel (Free)
    -Las Pistol (Free)

-Flak Armour (35p)
-Respirator (Free)
-Camo - Cloak with Urban camouflage pattern (15p)

-Steed (30p)

Biography: Guardsmen 2113, or 13 as they were known amongst their Cohorts was a Humble soldier devoted to Big E. They were assigned to a company providing cavalry support in the infamous “Stercus Ludicrum” system. In a routine charge (naturally accompanied by artillery fire) the entire company was obliterated, with the exception of 13; as a member of the Death Korps 13 was devastated by their survival. Unfortunately, this miraculous avoidance of death was to be the first of many; after serving in 17 companies (all of whom ended up dying in various colourful and violent ways) earned the Moniker “Lucky 13.”

13 Is fiercely dedicated to the Glory of the emperor and will selflessly (attempt to) sacrifice themselves in his glorious name. Given the shockingly low life expectancy of those around them 13 has learnt not to develop any needless emotional attachments, this has also led to 13 developing a carefree attitude towards danger. Additionally, as a member of the Death Korps of Krieg 13 has mastered the legendary technique of the “Bayonet Charge” a deceptively simple manuver which has a considerable amount of subtlety and nuance.

Appearance: Currently working on it, will post at a later date


“Did someone say Squats?”


Squats do not exist please refer to the nearest commissar for reduction
Also accepted

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@Leoxander I have noticed a problem with your character. Because the powerfist is a melee primary weapon you cannot take it alongside a plasma gun so I am afraid but you will have to change it.

Is this you I found on the vampire coast trailer?

Yes, that is me.

So does that mean I need to choose a secondary ranged weapon?


Y’know what because of how severely you’re handicapping yourself what with the whole taking the most volatile gun a bunch of grenades I’ll allow you to keep your powerfist but you can’t take one of the free pistols sound fair?

That’s fine.

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Name: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson C’mon, we have a Lionel Johnson in canon
Regiment: - Cadian shock troops (+ 10 points)
Gender: Non-Binary
-Flares-10pts (5)



-Power fist-30pts

-Las pistol-free

Dwayne was born in a small village, Dwayne’s family were poor and so Dwayne decided to try and find jobs to help out, Dwayne was also bullied, Dayne tried a new method of getting muscular and become a thicc boi, doctors hate him, find out how to be like him in only ten days! Anyway, Dwayne decided to help peeps and stuff so Dwayne joined the army
-Sub-flak armour-30pts

Where to start with the problems

1.)you can’t just bolt on an extra +10 points because they don’t conform with gender standards
2.) the missile launcher is steel legion exclusive
3.) you can’t have two secondary weapons
4.)you have used 95 out of your 110 points and have completely disregarded armour or war-gear



I’ll edit the post

thank you for understanding

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ahem armour?
Also I would highly recommend that you change the bio as it is far to silly

I kinda like the bio but I edited it

so if I have this correct he came from a small settlement (most-likely on an agri-world) and took some steroids before joining the guard, yeah that works…Accepted

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just keep in mind that this won’t exactly have the same comical tone as 2059

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