Whaddon 2.0 God Of Pestilence

Age : It is not fully known, all we know is when he was found 5 years ago.
Species: quarter Toa, quarter Bohrok, quarter serpent( previously )… At this moment in time a Deity.
Gender : male
Elemental Power : Power of Posion (previously)… At this moment in time he hold the power of pestilence
Back story: After Whaddon’s death in the Great War, Origan decided with his new power of death, to bring back Whaddon and this time fix the things he couldn’t last time… He gave him legs, instead of the serpent tail and gave him a stronger body, the body of a God… After this the new God was born… Whaddon God of pestilence…

As you can probably tell with my other two revamps i may or may not be naming the Gods after the 4 horse men of the Apocalypse

Old Whaddon:

New Form:

Next too the God of Death and The God Of War


are the feet in all your designs that weird? I don’t even know how it can hold up the figure, still I like the layer of paint and pretty much everything else

@Asriel Finally some one points it out so i can fianlly explain, i like my Designs to have some unique or different clearance to it , and the best way to do this , and still achieve a bipedal figure is in the legs or in my case Feet… and yes it looks like it may not hold but surprisingly does so very well :slight_smile:

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I like the feet, they look like Spiral Knights feet.

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@War_of_the_Worlds thank you, i don’t know what Spiral Knights is but awesome XD

I like it. Good paint job and mask.

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love the chest design, it looks great!

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@Leoxandar all but the painted chest piece’s is from the old Moc XD but thanks allot :slight_smile:
@JordanWill Thanks allot :slight_smile: i love the cheat too haha its my fav thing about it

The paint work is fantastic.

While it is a simple-ish build, it looks fantastic…

Very nice, I love the design of the chest and how well the paintwork is done here.

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Love the paintjob.
It’s phenomenal.

@EvilLobsterKing Thank you very much, and the simple-ish build all falls down to a lack of parts XD
@Stoax Thank you very much, i am most happy with how the chest came out on this MOC! :slight_smile:
@king328 Thank you so much!! means allot :smiley:

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The painting on this reminds me of some Bakugan or something. You don’t see many dark green MoCs, so that’s a plus. Good work! :slight_smile:

Not bad, although I was expecting a remake of @whaddon 's self moc.

Like everyone has said, paintwork and torso are superb. I don’t like the feet though. They look like a second pair of calves. They barely resemble feet.

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What can I say that hasn’t been said? 10/10, great pain-job, unique torso, good coverage. Yeah, kudos to you man.

@Brunamal BAKUGAN WAS MY STUFF MAN XD thanks hahaha :slight_smile:
@Ninjanicktf hahaha lol sadly not :stuck_out_tongue:
@Chronicler The feet are probs gonna get more done to them, just atm i am very short on feet and i like to make my feet look different and special so i have to come up with some weird and wacky new design, so these are probs temporary
@Baxor Thanks allot :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The paintjob is awesome!

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@Mrblackpants Thanks bro :slight_smile: <3


Someone had to do it.