Whaddon Draws OC Stands (from JJBA; taking requests)

so basically I want to try and draw more original stands (the concept being from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
and I want to try and draw and Idea on what your stand might be
an example of a original stand I’ve drawn

Lonely Heart
a Stand of an OC of mine
it has the power to stop specific actions happening on an item or a person (like something breaking or the trigger on a gun being pulled)
its stats are
Strength: D

Speed: B

Range: C

Durability: B

Precision: A

Development Potential: C

if you want to request a stand I need a few things (some being optional)

A Name: it can be anything from western or eastern music (bands, albums or songs)
please give me the name and not a song like “metal gear solid 3 ladder song” (since Stands have creative names), or something that is supposed to be a joke (a Siivagunner mashup)

consult this list so you know the name is not taken (caution has spoilers for later parts if you’re following the series)

the optional stuff is
Stats: they range from being A to E A being Very Good, C being identical to a Human’s and E is Very Bad.
as for range A would be 100 meters or more whilst E is 2 M (I cannot remember the exact layout for this, but I will try to find out)
Ability: as in what the stand does (create fire, stop time or anything you want)

Appearance: do you want it to be humanoid, not humanoid, be an item of sorts, a suit or even bound to something

you can also give something that you want to see on the stand (or an aesthetic you want it to have)

what type of stand do you want it to be?: do you want it to have acts, be automatically controlled or something has to happen for it to be usable?
this is one of the things you can add

so that is all
so give me some of your ideas on what your stand would be

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