Whaddon has a Graphic tablet now (Whaddon's Graphicy Tablety?, Digitally Artery?)

so I got a graphics tablet for Christmas
and thus using Adobe Photoshop, I have begun creating artwork with it
the first three images are D&D stuff
the first is Pieter Pheonixfeather (my first 5E character)

A Half-Elven Sorcerer

Lennier (@Matanui606’s character from the same game)

a Human Bard

and the final one is Goldus Eldarr (a new character or mine for a D&D game)

a Mountain-Dwarf Paladin

That be all for now. Whaddon out


I really like the first one

Also, it’s cool that you have a graphic tablet now. I hope you enjoy it!

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Sethellis (@Morgy’s D&D character.)
the Copper Dragonborn Ranger

and Him alongside Goldus.


hmm I thought I posted here already, meh

either way I really like how Sethellis looks


so I have recently been setting up a Dungeons & Dragons club at my college and this is the poster I created to advertise it (it doesn’t have any of the contact info on this version though) It took along while to make due to my procrastination, but I finally finished it earlier this month.

And here’s a version without the D20 or text.

From TFS At The Table (Team Four Star’s Dungeons and Dragons game)


Could I make a suggestion? Try using long, quick strokes. Keep you left (or right if you’re left handed) hand on ctrl z (undo) and press it until you get the line right. That should make your lines smoother.

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Thanks, I shall put that into account next time I start drawing.

It feels so nice to obtain critique on my artwork as well.

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Haven’t posted in a while, so here be some new drawings from last month to help me get back into digital art.

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huh, I forgot to post another image I made back in July

The Abyssal Admiral

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Tis almost Halloween…

Time to get spooky

Critique shall be nice, BTW.


Guy trying to dress like a punk (he thinks chains make him punk)

C&C is appreciated.



One of my Divinity: Original Sin; Source Hunters, trying to make him more of my own character.

Sol is a Battlemage, primarily fighting with axe, sword or shillelagh in one hand, shield in the other, and a burning touch if things get tough.

Might draw his bow weilding partner, later.