What are the Combat Techniques of the Creatures?

We all know the creatures are basically OP rahi, so let’s look at how they might fight in the wild y’know like animals.

i propose that uxar hardens his wings with a hard carapass when in fighting


I’d be more inclined to believe that Uxar would use his leg/foot/spine things to make very quick flyby attacks.


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Melum beats the crap out of his enemies with his paws.
Uxar probably eats plants, primarily.

i’d think he be a meat eater or a bug eater
he looks like a bug
i also reckon he is either part of a hive mind or is the leader of one Bahrag style

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I’m gonna murdedededrer you hewk

Here’s a shock,

Akida fights stuff

with its giant blasters


What if the blasters shoot frog eggs
something like frog eggs
Gross but interesting to think about

Since they’re called Torpedo Shooters, let’s just say it shoots torpedoes.


akida is a battle fish of Okrahi…
kinda want a moc of a protector with a saddle riding an akida using chain pieces to keep it in line

if you are wondering “hey cup what’s an okrahi?” well well well it is my dumb word for okotan rahi. yes i know they aren’t rahi but i imagine like the protectors they’re just bigger or more leader like/advanced versions of they’re okrahi counterparts

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Well JTO kinda showed some of the thecniques, so I’m gonna post a mix of what we saw and what I think they do besides that.

Melum: Mostly uses paws to attack and punch and also uses his OPness to block and push enemies. Not to mention full control of ice and frozoneing (literaly most OP Creature, at least from what we saw)

Ketar: Super strong, probably has control of stones just like Pohatu. While I don’t think he uses his stinger too much he could always attack enemies with it, also his crystal blades seem to be ised for both slicing and grabbing.

Ikir: this is the one we saw probably the least as far as godlike powers go, but we did see most of his attacks are flying towards the enemy and pushing it with it’s beak or claws. I think as bis elemental powers go he probably makes a fire tornado.

Terak: Besides being able to use his claws for combat he might also make mountains to defend himself, after all he does control earth.

Uxar: It is evident that he mostly rushes towards his enemy and push it with great strength due to his extreme speed. As far as elemental power goes, he probably controls vines, an plantlife in general to his advantage.

Akida: Not much was seen for him either, but he probably uses his speed underwater to it’s advantage as well as creat typhoons to defend himself. Also his water blasters seem to only shoot water, but I’m guessing these are shot at extreme speed, enough to probably knock out an enemy.


From the looks of it they mostly just chuck their respective elements at their foes. If you want to look at it from the stand point how these creatures defend themselves from other non-op creatures. Well they probably just chuck their elements at them. Why bother doing anything else when you have that much power. It would almost never fail.

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This topic is a sort of not in lore or visual
what you presume they do in the wild


I would presume that they should just chuck their elements because that’s all they would need to do win just about every battle. It’s Game theory. If you have a weapon that can easily beat your opponent why not use it? Admittedly it’s hard to gauge the exact intelligence and awareness of these apparently semi-intelligent creatures with almost total control of one element.

Oh ok then.

Well I pressume that since they are pretty much god entities I don’t think they do much really other than guard their masks or just go around their regions.

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i think terrak would use his claws or pick a big boulder and smash it causing all the rock to fly at the target

They are all trained in the way of the Satsui no Hado.


Ketar tries and fails at stinging things with its poorly-made tail.

what if

it does not sting overhead
but underhead