What are the prize specifications for a contest?

I was going to create a contest once I get Master rank, and I was wondering what constitutes as a prize for winning the contest. Thanks!

The only other exception I can think of is an artwork request. :egg:

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This is actually something we’ve considered, but I hesitate due to how easily abuseable I can see it being.

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What if the prize is a written-out document describing the bragging rights given to the winner?

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As Square posted earlier, from our rule topic:

So no, that doesn’t count.


What if you were to send an artwork to that person and have them print it out? Would that count as a physical prize?

Gonna go with no.

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Alright then.Thanks everybody!

What about pure money transactions ala paypal?


Would a steam code for a game count?

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As long as it’s not a free game.

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ahem! bada bing bada boom I resurrect this topic from this doom.

can we offer a gift card that can be used to get physical stuff

It’s stated in the very rule.

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Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.