What are you listening to now?

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No joke, this is what I'm listening to right now


Faint-Linkin Park. Don't feel like getting the link :stuck_out_tongue:

Shibayan, all day, every day.

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The first opening to Jo Jo's Bizzare adventure.

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I'm currently listening to this

And I just started listening to the Undertale soundtrack

Seems pretty good so far

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Flagpole Sitta.
Not exactly site friendly lyrics, though...

Abbey Road by the Beatles.


I've been listening to a lot of Blackmore's Night

Ghost of a Rose is my favorite album thus far

but I've begun to branch out

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Don't you judge me

Nothing, because my WiFi is being stupid and not connecting my Pandora...

Binging on MF DOOM (Mm.. Food, Madvillainy, Operation: Doomsday, etc.)

Today I'm tossing in between Yes and Mos Def.

So... Yes... and Most Definitely.


Children of the Elder God by Old Gods of Asgard(AKA Poets of the Fall).

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TFS Abridged.