What are you listening to now?

Finally gave NIN a try. This group sounded a lot different from what I expected, at least the debut. Love how reminiscent of early Depeche Mode the synths are.

I've started listening to a lot of jaz-rap recently. Stuff like Kendrick and j.cole.

I also recently picked up the album 99.9% by a guy named Kaytranada. I've probably listened through it at least 60 times. It's difficult to describe the genre of music. He does a little bit of everything, while retaining his own unique style.

Dark Souls three soundtrack is beautiful as well. That really shouldn't come as a surprise.

Still listening to this.

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I can't get this Castlevania inspired awesomness out of my brain.

Suede's newest album "Night Thoughts". It's pretty amazing.

No good link to it, but listening to The Bends by Radiohead. What a good song.

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Famous X by Stria, the song that you can only find on shady sites or be lucky to find a rare copy of the CD.

I almost only listen to gorillaz, they have so many genres, i find that fun.

I enjoyed this version of Rock the Casbah more


they just release the track


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At the current moment, I'm listening to Todd Rundgren's album "A Wizard, A True Star". Great album.

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I'm listening to the sound of a helicopter flying above my house.

Does it count?

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Don't Bring Me Down by the ELO.

That's been the only song I've really listened to recently, to be honest.

It's also the song I am listening to right now.


After seeing the boys live two weeks back, I've listened to Astrosaur's Fade In // Space Out almost daily. Space Mountain and Fishing for Kraken are my favourite tracks - the tastiest jams from Norway.

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This has some fun lyrics, and I like the way they sort of contrast with the mood of the song.

just decided to listen to Fragile whilst doing homework

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I recently listened to the Foo Fighter's debut album, and I think this is my favorite song on the album Even though the lyrics make no sense to me

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