What are you listening to now?

Cue edgy 9yo kan


Dave mentioned in an interview that most of the song was BS'd in 20 minutes

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motorhead ace of spades

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In this exact moment, Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Simple and Clean: Plantib Remix (the variant used in the opening to Kingdom Hearts)

Listening to Deacon Blues by Steely Dan as it ends and the following track Peg.

Aja is just one of the best albums ever.

I’m listening to my own voice, like the narcissist I am

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Just looked at the radio, and Apperantly it’s Nat King Cole singing Route 66.

A playlist of rock from 2000-2009. Got some Foo Fighters, white stripes, all American rejects, weezer, The Hives, Vampire weekend, and a little bit of the Strokes

England by The National

I’ve been listening a lot to the album its from, High Violet. For some reason almost a couple years later, it has finally clicked for me. So good.

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I bounce between pop punk/punk and 90s alternative. Currently listening to things like the Rooster by Alice In Chains, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three, etc.

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I’ve had Ballroom Blitz by Sweet, and Star by Stealers Wheel for the past couple days or so.

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Always a classic


Finally checking out queens of the stone age