What are you panicking about right now?

It could be anything. A test, WW3, Galidor 2?

Should I buy the Bionicle polybag (with Tahu's transparant mask) for €1? (€2,40 with shipping)

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The conclusion to this series.


The anniversary contest.

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don't be stressed about it man, I'm just writing for fun at this point :slight_smile:

you should be too, and no matter what we're gonna get a lot of fan world building from it which will be awesome until the books come out =P

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My grades

The fact that my Saber figure or Persona 3 haven't arrived


I am panicking about rebuilding the 2015 toa for the summer wave, finishing the MOC I've been working on for 2 months, and wondering if I should participate in MakutaFest. I've missed last two (the only two since I started watching TTV), and I don't know anything about BS01.

Same on the MakutaFest stress.

The fact that I have no exams to study for, and I don't know what to do with my life right now

My life feels so empty.

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The fact that i only have 8,75$ and i want to buy EkimuVSKulta/Skull Grinder

the fact that my core drill necklace fell down the drain

Oh, let's see:

-Getting AP grades back.
-Finishing my stop-motion, and 3 different MOCs that I've been working on.
-Getting a job in order to pay for the Star Wars TFA sets (need about $700.)

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The fact that I have alot of MOCs to make and things to buy.

Nothing, for now. I'm enjoying a time of peace now

The anneversary contest

A moc that I have been working on

The fact that I am almost done with an amazing book series and won't be able to read anything new from it ever again

A book lore that I have been working on

If the nud Jaga that I ordered will ever arrive

Weather or not to enter the anneversary project

Wether or not to buy the construction sets from Star Wars

And so much more...

This, mostly. I have a relatively ambitious idea which is already half done, but that closing date is pretty daunting regardless.

The fact that I may not be able to wake up in time for MakutaFest (it starts at 5:30am here and I don't have an alarm clock worried).

The fact that MakutaFest is taking place at the same time as Vinesauce Charity Stream 2015

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Can't decide what career to pick.

The new Ninjago temple of Airjitzu Set. How it comes with so many awesome minifigures but I have no way to justify the price.