What are Your Dark Hunter MOCs/Characters?

I’ve always liked the Dark Hunters along with the mystery behind the Shadowed One. One thing I particularly like about the Dark Hunters is that you won’t find two that are alike. Each hunter is different in appearance, personality, and backstory, which means that there are no limits to making your own! A few of my MOCs, which I will post at some point, happen to be Dark Hunters, including my Self MOC. I’ll give him his own topic soon. Now, members of the TTV Message Boards, let’s share the strangest and most unique mercenaries we can think of! :smiley:


Probably the best and only villain I made for any BIONICLE fanfiction, Salis is a turned Toa of Plasma who works for the Dark Hunters and Makuta. His legs got cut off so he changed to mechanical legs and got different armor.


Here is a thorn in The Shadowed One’s side that I created.




These pages are outdated but still relevant



I don’t have any Dark Hunters persay, because none of my characters are centered in either continuity of Bionicle. Except Toa Ekorak, who hasn’t been built in over two years.

But, since this is the topic, I’ll spare ye spamming my own irrelevant characters. Meet an old MOC of mine. Ekorak, in his Dark Alpha form, although never a true Dark Hunter, was…shall we say, allied with them.

(ho baby look at that outdated MOCpages styling…)

For some reason in my actual Bionicle story Ekorak has never been a very nice person :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, Dark Hunters… like Rahi they are a group were pretty much any MOC could fit in - the good ones, the bad ones, the strange ones. I think I remember about half a dozen Dark Hunter MOCs I built, but only two of them still exist and it are only these two that I have pictures of.

My attempt at building Lariska:

And Srac who might be a Rahi, too, but definitely is a Dark Hunter:


Kerath, the Dark Hunter I’m most proud of (which isn’t saying much.)


I’ve got the chainsaw guy and the pilot. Chainsaw guy has not aged well.


My own humble pair of Toa Dark Hunter mocs: Ravager and Deaden, respectively


Bohrok man! (I call him a mercenary but they are pretty similar in concept)


That guy still makes me giggle internally :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My self moc is technically a Dark Hunter, but he doesn’t hunt, nor is he of a darkened sentiment. He’s a armory specialist/blacksmith for other Dark Hunters (there isn’t an explanation to where they got their weapons anyway), with the Shadowed One just happening to offer him a good payroll

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