What are Your Favorite Horror Games?


atleast you haven’t faced anything truely horrifying

FNAF has lost any fear value it once had…
I hear 4 is pretty good though.
Not outlast… That is really spooky.
@Yveran Layers of Fear is some really good psychological horror - much less jump scares, minimal gore, and mostly just disturbing, warped imagery and quasi=psychedelic insane gameplay. I recommend it.

I started playing Alien: Isolation, and it’s pretty good.


Scariest horror game? Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

In terms of quality, Resident Evil 4

System Shock 2 is another gem.

One of my favorite horror games is .flow. It’s just so… unnerving.

I love it.

Pretty much any game with my mods becomes a horror game.

I’ll express my bias and say those are obviously the best.

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Now that I played it on my Youtube channel and on my own, Resident Evil 7 by far.
First things first, the introduction cutscene. Like most of us I actually thought that the intro scene was live action, with a small touch of realistic 3D (#RES7GraphicsChallenge) and it brought together a whole new plot to the Resident Evil game series.