What are Your Favorite Horror Games?

The title says it all. This can be scare value, originality, how unsettling it was, most tense, best done, etc.
For me, outlast was great. It’s a reporter who wanted to uncover the inhumane testing at an abandoned asylum- only to find that the asylum isn’t abandoned, but is occupied by the twisted and insane patients (and the mysterious “wall rider project”. It did a great job of providing tension and, for the most part, was really creepy and had a lot of play time in it (partly because I was bad at it). Second favorite is Layers of Fear: the story of an insane artist who wants to complete his masterpiece. As you travel through your ever-changing mansion, you slowly discover the horrible things you did… It’s creepy as heck, unsettling, and tense. Also, you don’t really die (so no being stuck in one stage forever) and it’s got a really interesting (but creepy) story and some really cool visuals. The whole “room changing” thing is also really fun, as it makes you have to think about stuff and makes it unpredictable. The issue I have is that 1) it’s very short (3 hours or so) and 2) it’s super linear. Then again, so is outlast.
What about you? What horror games do you like, and why?

I haven’t played it personally, but Amnesia: The Dark Descent was great. Then Outlast (also haven’t played), the Slender games I guess, but they’re kind of crap. I know from personal experience. It’s probably just the nostalgia talking.


Until Dawn, Outlast, and well I don’t think these count as horror games; Left 4 Dead 2 and Dying Light


Left for dead does not count, though until dawn looks really good (wendigos are one of my favorite cryptids/myths). No clue about dying light.

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Haven’t really played any horror games, but out of the ones I’ve seen, Cry of Fear is probably my favorite.


Does Dark Souls count as a horror game?

I meant Demon souls.

according to google they belong to the ‘survival horror’ genre

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Yeah. It’s not Wikipedia’s fault that the game isn’t that scary.

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Yoooo maaan Five dah nights at fredday’z.

(Not really, I dont play horror games so I can’t say…)

Haven’t played that many horror games, but Alien: Isolation is one that springs to mind immediatly. Absolutely terryfying, and I loved every second of it.

SOMA and the first Dead Space also deserves mentions.

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does resident evil 4 count?

That game has spooked me plenty of times.

Sonic Boom is a pretty scary game to play.

But if I’m serious,it would be Resi 4.


The only horror game i’ve tried was Outlast
i didn’t play a lot
like,i tried maybe 30 minutes or so then i gave up.
Twas really spooky tbh


I bought alien isolation for when I finish the whistleblower dlc for outlast. It looks good (alien isolation, that is).


Silent Hill or Fatal Frame, now those are some scary games that everyone here should play :smile:

None of them. They get my anxiety up and I can’t handle them.

The only time I experience them is when I see some people on YouTube play them and laugh at their scared faces and reactions.

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Try layers of fear. It doesn’t have many jump scares, you never have to run for your life, and yet it’s creepy and really tense. Not long at all either.
Usually my brother and I play with him controlling and me watching and helping us keep calm by us laughing at stuff. With Layers of fear, I had the controls, and it wasn’t bad at all (and I’m a bit of a wimp, despite liking such things).

Alien; Isolation and Soma.


In terms of surreal horror, OFF made me learn to never suspect something, otherwise it will take whatever notion you have about what happens next and twist it even further.

I have not played any but FNAF, and I did not even like that all that much tbh…