What are your thoughts on HF in general over the years?

Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of it until this year.
The sets were really simple, and I’m not just talking about the original line.
However, this year is what really caught my attention. I’ve always been a big fan of mechs fighting beasts, and I really like the way they were designed (having the heroes be minifigures to make it seem like the monsters were giant). Share your thoughts here.


To me, they were little more than parts packs.

Through most of its run I quite liked the theme’s story, it was cheesy but enjoyable. Sets were good, and had more parts that I could actually use than BIONICLE sets.

Wasted potential.

2.0 was going somewhere great. While some didn’t like the “generic” look that the heroes had, with the skull caps and additions in between, I loved it.

I was so hoping that after Savage Planet, they’d come back, with even more colors, but nope. I wanted this because it made it far easier for HF MOCs to be…original, so to speak. Had a silver one been made, I would’ve made an HF Nyran.

But no, we went back to single head pieces.

See, Bionicle could do that for Toa, and still have it good for MOCs, because they were just masks. Hundreds of a given mask existed in-story.

HF? That head piece belonged to that character, and that character alone. With Brain attack, we sorta got that diversity from 2.0 back, with the visors, but not really.

And then invasion from below, well, changed up everything, but the sets themselves were cool in concept, and I liked a few of them.

The style in general was…okay. I don’t mind the CCBS, and I think that cool stuff can be done with it.


Not a fan of it overall. I guess I was sorta biased at the beginning because of BIONICLE’s demise, so I never really bought the toys.

Breakout was when it was getting interesting. I felt a little happy that there might be a bigger story in Hero Factory all along, and they where keeping it a secret, but no. Just another wave.

Hero Factory, like Nyran said, was a wasted potential. They could have done so much with it, but instead they decided to make it like a re-telling of it’s own story over and over, with Bad Guys versues Good Guys. BIONICLE had more themes than that, like the Three Virtues, and the values of life, like friendship, caring, and making love not canon. Oh, those where the days.


I say Breakout is when Hero Factory peaked. It went downhill after that.


Story-wise, I will agree, Breakout is best.

But I maintain that the Head system from 2.0 should’ve stayed, or there should’ve been a similar system

1.0 was okay storywise but the hero sets were horrific, villians were okay I guess

2.0 This is the point were I REALLY got intrested, mainly because of the new system, and to say the least the new system is great IMO, storywise it was okay again

3.0, so people have probs with this one…I dont even know why they have these problems, so take rocka out of the picture
the sets were really cool, I loved the idea of the weapons, but the story wasnt the best

breakout: HOLY MOLY DID LEGO DO WELL HERE, now this could have been ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ here…just wasted potential, they could have done so much more with the black phantom, von nebula stuff but they didnt, sets where great I mean this was were it peaked

brain attack: so…the is were I lost hope…first the sets…the visors were cool I though they could be used for utility and defense…but they wasted the defense part, the core protectors were stupid…why did they need those? bulk could have used that in breakout you know…core hunter…and the brains were…pretty stupid tbh, but onto the story…and great an unknown villian! and not to mention a cliffhanger at the end…also one little thing…why didnt the visor protect surge?!?
im not going to go into more detail about the story its not the best, in fact id say its mediocre at best

invasion from below: hit and miss for me, I thought the concept was cool…the execution of the concept wasnt, not going to talk about the special here…have too many things on that, but the mechs were cool beasts as well story wasnt


I didn’t mind so much. I’ll take constraction in pretty much any form. However I was disappointed that the pieces were still incredibly brittle. Story was nice, didn’t pay much attention to it.
With it, my MOCing woes fled to the hills. Durability was back. That’s probably why I like it. The story was fun, nothing fancy.
Story was nice, however I only got Witch Doctor.
Though I only bought Furno, I genuinely liked the story from that year. An evil mastermind with the designs of the Tower!? Count me in!
Hooo boy! The story had potential. They should’ve tied it in with what happened last year! Oh well, only bought Pyrox.
Meh, story. Giant robots fighting giant Kaiju!? Kewwwllll!!! Godzilla. I still need to get some of the sets.


My favorite year was invasion from below it has nice and some new pieces for feature mocing for bionicle.When i saw the arts on the poly bags i was thinking to my self,this could have been the most interesting HF wave ever!But…no… 23 minute long tv show again i personally think that heroes were stupid.Wasted opportunity again.HF could have been much more…

I generally likes the sets themselves, except for Brain Attack, which I consider the low point in its run (except for Evo and Dragon bolt). Breakout has been my absolute favorite out of all the lines. To me, they nailed the feeling and set designs, and I have to say the heroes were pretty dang cool. I thought most of the villains were good, specifically Thornraxx, though I tended to prefer the first wave of villains over the second. While Rise of the Rookies had extremely simple heroes, I thought they at least looked nice, though the weapon-arms kind of irritated me. I loved the villain designs for the most part. The vehicles were also pretty fun builds. Ordeal of Fire, I liked, but at the same time, I just wasn’t that interested. I didn’t like that the villains all had a fire theme, though they as diverse as they could be. I didn’t like the heads very much. I LOVED the idea of the Hero Recon Team, and it’s a shame it didn’t carry on into Breakout. Savage Planet I simply didn’t really buy, so I don’t have much to say about that. The villains seemed cool, and I’ve heard great things about Witch Doctor, but I didn’t get any. I also didn’t really care for the animal theme of the heroes. While it was creative, I guess, it seemed so exclusive to this type of theme. Overall, I did enjoy Hero Factory. Do I prefer Bionicle? Of course.


Eh, the sets were…Alright. they Atleast introduced new, better and easier(for kids) building system, added lots of new parts, but the story was very lacking. The TV specials weren’t really all that good. Constantly changing voice actors. Though they atleast kept some continuity. Some of the characters weren’t flushed out or even recognised. The whole “Von Nebula conflict” was just merely an arc that was mostly forgotten, save for when the Villains tried to steal his black hole staff. The recent “invasion from bellow” thing was abit meh. It was basicly exo-force, Only the lines were switched. The only new characters were usually villains. For the last several waves( Brain attack and invasion from below) they didn’t even try changing and switching heroes (leaving Nex and Springer in the dust) and basicly plotlines only stretched through a single wave. All in all, it was mediocre. For me personally, I think that most of the series was a waste in story-line, tv-show, characters, But rich with lore, books and parts

I know what you mean, Springer was pretty unrepresented

Think you mean Nex here. Evo was featured prominently in Invasion From Below and Brain Attack.


Bleh. My mistake.

To me it seemed every other year Lego released the cool hero factory sets (i.e. [for me] 2.0/3.0, brain Attack) IFB was mediocre at best with breakout sitting on top. Every time I I saw a cool set, I got excited (exluding the XLs) but then it got dashed almost right away (like with bruizer and scarox) so except for the brain attack wave- which was my favorite- I mainly got the XLs because they were more complex but then they got more simple and simple so that is what sucked. That was how I got more into the Ninjago waves because it was getting less and less complex. I craved those bionicle building challenges because they were fun and reasonably priced. But I digress.

Overall, it wasn’t the worst but LEGO could’ve done better.

P.S. I liked the 3.0 XL titans the best.

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IFB was mediocre?
it seemed pretty good, the only bad things to me was the story

Everything was sorta lame… All cardboard characters and scenarios. Except for breez in IFB. She atleast tried reasoning. Unfortunately the logic of ending it with blaster fire apperantly wins out over working out with underground giant monsters. Oh well

I was bored by it, to say the least, after I was done with my immature rage when bionicle was cancelled, I would look at the sets and be like “meh” Breakout kind of caught my attention (though I never bought anything after 2.0) but my main gripe was the story just a bunch of one dimensional characters I thought they were going to make a larger story with Von nebula but they never did

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Hero factory can best be summed up as meh…
Like the story was just honestly boring nothing worth to note that made me like it or hate it. it was just boring.

The first two years the building was not really good but in its final years the building was really great
The sets were eye catching and had cool builds but when you got them you ask what is there back story and who they are and you find out there really is not substance to the heroes and that there just heroes that was my main problem was like if you asked them what do you fight for or why do you fight and the bottom line it was in there programming to be heroes and not really much more than that the films were forgettable only a few things I liked about them not going to say it was horrible or that it was great. I still got a few sets over the years but Hero factory was just a Meh line for me.

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I hated it down to the concept. I wanted to say that it had potential, but at the end of the day they’re ‘heroes’ built in a factory with little magical rocks serving as their personalities. That is my main gripe with Hero Factory that I’ll probably never get over.

As for the sets…they were okay in 2.0, then they used the same build again…and again…and again. Plus I don’t like how their chest is literally a T shape and has no bulk at all. Take off their armor and they’re literally a stick figure. So…A for affort, I suppose.

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to add to what I said earlier, there is something very fundamentally wrong with hero factory, Heroes are not born they are built in a factory, and unless you have a big H on your chest, you cannot be a hero, also that the heroes are programmed with personalities and do not have ANY character development at all (gonna make a comparison I didn’t want to but I feel I should) in Bionicle if you were a toa, that did not automatically make you a hero, you had to earn the right to be called that, and it didn’t even matter what species you were, if you were tall or short or weird looking, you could always be a hero