What Bionicle-related Media do you have? (Trade/Sell)

So, with Bionicle's likely return, I've gone and bought up every ounce of Bionicle-related media I can find. The story is what I believe made Bionicle great, and I like having the collection.

I currently own all the official books (Chronicles, Mask of Light, Adventures, Legends, The Crossing (My custom copy), Raid on Vulcanus, Legend Reborn, Journey's End (Custom copy).) I also own all four movies, and all nine of the informational books. Plus the story serials printed out.

My collection really suffers in terms of the comics though. I'm missing a dozen or so of the comics in the original series, and a few from Ignition. I never really liked the papercutz versions.

Anyone interested in selling any of their comics? I have doubles of Metru Nui 24, Ignition #5, #9, #12, #13, and Glatorian #4. I also have an extra copy of Adventures #4 and Legends #2

I am in need of Metru Nui #16-22, Ignition #0, #2, #7, & #8. Anyone interested in doing some selling/trading? Also, I am interested in getting the three Glatorian-era young readers books (Secret of Certavus, Desert of Danger, & Challenge of Mata Nui). I already have the 2008 Takanuva book.

I don't really have any of my comics. Most of them are destroyed or in really bad condition (that includes the last two BIONICLE comics released. Why did I not take care of them?). However, I do read some of the comics that they archived on Biosector01. However, if your interested in collecting... Well, I don't have any of the comics in good condition. Sorry about that.

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I have all the Papercutz comics, all the movies ( watched ), I'm not sure if I read any of the books but I played Bionicle Heroes on the Ds and Xbox.

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I feel a reference coming on.

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A reference to matoro?

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Since I have the smallest Bionicle collection ever, I'm selling nothing at the moment. I'm just buying any good sets I see one Bricklink or Ebay. Recently I got this guy in the mail-

He even came with his canister, he was also in very good condition and only was missing one piece, which I had a spare of. stuck_out_tongue

Got him for $25 including postage.
Yes, there is a Spooky scary skeleton which I found in the garage. And kept in my room.