What books are you currently reading?

I remember reading a book called “Luck with the Milk” or something like that, which was from the same author. Loved that book!

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The Cannibals of Candyland

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Not sure if this totally counts but over the past year or so I’ve become enthralled with audio books (which I mostly listen to while preparing meals and working on LEGO projects).

I recently decided to finally take a stab at reading Lord of The Rings. I just got to Tom Bombadil’s introduction in Fellowship and I’m torn. On the one hand, Rob Inglis’ narration is top-notch (and much better than a lot of modern audio book narration I’ve heard). However, I find Tolkien’s lengthy descriptions of geography and locations somewhat dry and tedious. From what I understand the book picks up a bit later on.



Well, I’m reading a few
Yarrick: Imperial Creed
War For Armageddon, the omnibus
And Elves an omnibus
To name a few

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Indeed! Most people find it picks up at Bree.


Full disclosure, I “cheated” and used an audiobook to get through Two Towers when I was a kid. Though I’ve been going through the whole thing in audiobook form with my parents, and I’ve been a lot more invested this time.

Waj I’ll pay you 500 widgets to hurry up and read Pride and Prejudice


I feel like this makes me more of a man than you. :wink:

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I mean

I was 10 when I went through it the first time

So no argument there :stuck_out_tongue:

(The only reason I’ve been going through the audiobook a second time is to expose my parents to it. They don’t read much fiction, and would never sit down and read a 1000 page epic.)


I nearly gave up on Fellowship, took a break before reading Two Towers, got partway, had to moved when I was reading about Gandalf being reintroduced, and then restarted in middle school. I enjoyed finishing that and the Return of the King greatly.

And I watched the movies when I was halfway through Two Towers.


Cheater, impostah

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Well when you put it like that Jogn… with that many I’d be able to retire from my eternal MNOG 2 playthrough… Pride and Prejiduce here I come!


The secret to infinite riches is to edit your save file, getstate.txt, located in the hahli folder. At least, I think. I know I edited my save file to finish the game, but I remember having a save editor program, but now I can’t find it.

But anyway, I’m excited!

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When old and wise like I am, appreciate these descritpions you will :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps. Though I recently came across a really good unabridged audio dramatization of the books. There are a few technical hiccups here and there but the added sound effects, music and distinct voice impressions really add the experience. I’m finding the descriptions to be much easier to get through in this version.


The music in that version was really distracting for me, but more power to you if it helps! You might want to switch to another version for parts with Treebeard, though–I found this version’s interpretation of his voice to be incredibly grating.

not much really. I’ve pretty much expended my library systems reserves. I never did finish the Kane Chronicles due to my library not having the last book if that counts. and I’ve been meaning to start Dune.

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I’m reading the science fiction short stories of Ted Chiang (found in Stories of Your Life and Others and Exhalation), and I have to say that Chiang is an outstanding author. His ideas are thought-provoking and how he executes his ideas in stories is even more impressive. I highly recommend them.


I’m reading through the Pagan Lord currently and Transformers: Exodus.

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Your life is pointless.

I am about to finish The Eye of the World, the first book in The Wheel of Time. It has been intense, let me tell you. It’s as if the Hobbit left the Shire after the Ringwraiths burned it down and still had to get to Rivendell halfway through the length of the Two Towers.


I have a friend who wants to read WoT

We’re going to compete to see which happens first: him finishing WoT, or me finishing History of Middle-earth.

What are your thoughts so far? How’s it compare to Tolkien or other fantasy books? Do you think it’s gonna be worth reading all 4.4 million words? :stuck_out_tongue: