What can/can't be controlled via Insect Control?

Hello Greg! This question comes in two parts, regarding Insect Control (Kraata power);
The simpler question first:

  1. Could it only control insectoid Rahi, or could it also control insectoid creatures of Spherus Magna?
  2. Is it limited to true insects/hexapods? Or does it extend to other groups of Arthropods such as Myriapoda (centipedes etc.), Crustaceans (crabs, shrimp), and Chelicerata (Arachnids; spiders, scorpions)?

I had a fairly thorough look on the Greg Archives for this (https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/) and I’ve found some relevant info, although not conclusive answers.

1) I think this opens up some interesting questions about the mechanics of telepathy and psionics in the world of Bionicle. When asked if Krana and infected masks can control beings like Agori and Glatorian, Greg said no. When asked if the Mask of Mind Control could be used to control them, he said no, “because it works on AI, which Glatorian do not have”. However, Orde was able to use his psionics powers to read Gelu’s mind. That suggests that whatever psionics is in the Bionicle universe, it is common to both the living beings of Spherus Magna and the MU.

EDIT Additionally, he says here that Kanohi would generally work on Glatorian, when the person asking specifically mentioned the Rode (Mask of Truth) here: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2008-2010/page250#post9986 so I guess the Rode works based on Psionics too?

I think whether or not Rahi Control would effect Spherus Magnan insects depends specifically on whether it works by trying to interface with AI, or if it uses the more nebulous “psionics” in some form or another. Personally, I would bet on it not working on Spherus Magnan creatures, but that’s just me.

2) Greg said that “Rahi control cannot be used on insectoids, and vice versa”. I think the use of the word “insectoid” could suggest that it doesn’t have to apply to the strict IRL definitions of “insect” (not that it could even technically apply since Rahi and Spherus Magnan animals are not the same as real-world animals. So I don’t think it the power is limited to true insects/hexapods. Just things that generally fit the insect/bug/creepy-crawly category.

I’ve noticed Greg usually finds that kind of adherence to real-world terms restrictive and tries to avoid being to shackled by them. Based on the other related answers, I would theorise it has more to do with the complexity of the creature the Makuta is trying to control. A rat-like Rahi is mentally significantly more complex than an ant-like Rahi, and that probably has to do with why Rahi/insect control are different categories (although there’s more to it, as he’s explained elsewhere).

Regarding Makuta at least, I bet their telepathy is psionics-based, so whilst I don’t think their Insect Control powers would work on Spherus Magnan insects, they could probably use their telepathy to at least influence them, if not outright control them.

Hope this helps, even if it doesn’t definitively answer things.


One note: older answers state Rahi Control can control insect Rahi, but not as effectively as insect control or as effectively as it controls other Rahi. Additionally, insect control can control a swarm, where as Rahi Control would only be able to control a small number of Rahi. (I assume, more Rahi = more focus from the user.)


Tangential, but the Rode is actually based on "higher truth" and therefore presumably not Psionic.

Psionic “energy” is presumably not limited to biomechanicals, seeing as the Sisters of the Skrall were granted psionic powers by Annona.

I wouldn’t assume that one race or mask’s telekinesis or even telepathy are mechanically identical to a Toa of Psionic’s telekinesis and telepathy. There are multiple ways to remotely project force and multiple ways to read minds.

Anyway, my impression years ago was that Insect Control worked by mimicking “hive mind” signals, i.e. whatever esoterica Greg thinks are responsible for swarm intelligences. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but something like that would presumably be a universal constant across all insects, and therefore Insect Control would function on fully organic insects as well.

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That ask Greg post was from 2008 though, and, according to BS01, the Rode is based on belief, not higher truth. Lots of stuff in those old threads were later retconned.

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I’m not finding anything on “Rode+lying” or “Rode+belief” that states that, unfortunately. Also worth mentioning that older quotes take precedence.

I did, however, find this:

2b. I was also wondering if the Kanohi Rode can filter lies that the user says. For example, let’s say that there is a rock under one of three cups. The Rode user says, “The rock is under the cup on the left,” when the rock is really under the cup on the right. Will the mask flag the statement as a lie, or does it not work that way on the user?
2b) Yes, it would mark that as a falsehood

This sounds absolutely wild. If you can recall/find a source on it being based on belief please let me know. The BS01 page needs citations.


9) If you honestly thought what you were saying was the truth, I don’t think it would be able to reveal it as a falsehood.

Perhaps this is a loophole for lie-detection? This came only a month after the first quote, so I’m not sure. For comparison, the rock-under-cup quote was 2 years later.

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