What Color/Style of Lightsaber Would You Use?

This is a bit more loose than the one about force users, as essentially any colour is an option.
Also, what would your hilt look like, and would it have any specialty attachments? (E.G. Crossguard, double blade, shoto)
Mine would be an orange lightsaber, functional underwater. The hilt would be similar in design to Ahsoka’s second pair of lightsabers, and the crystal chamber would be easily accessible should I want to change blade colours.
Reference stuff:


a white saberstaff (dual bladed saber) in memory of mah boi kurahk

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I would use a green lightsaber, that’s functional underwater with a built-in blaster. (Like Ezra’s.)

A blue or pink lightpike.


i would prefer something like the Darksaber, and im a fan of the black core colored lightsaber crystals, like this color:

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I would probably use a yellow cross saber, similar to the saberforge relic

I guess a regular green saber works for me

Darth Mual’s dual lightsaber.

Probably a blue crossguard saber

b/c why settle for an actual jedi?


I’d like to use a bent hilt (just because straight blows would be easier and more deadly), and purple because I absolutely love this lightsaber color

I would want a white one with a crossguard. Because I’m a professional.

red/standard saber

A one bladed, curved hilt Yellow lightsaber, as it fits more into my fighting style.

I wouldn’t have a lightsaber, I’d have one of these

General grievous’ guards carried them.

I have a personal theory that ray’s staff is a broken version of it.

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I would also gave a regular old green.
all these weird woobly-doobly-bing-bong gimmicks like two ends or curves would probably be quite a pain to use.
history teaches us that a single two handed weapon is better than two single handed ones, and the ability to use an off hand for the force would be terribly effective if you were adept at using the force, which is the canon reason for someone to use green lightsabres anyway.

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I would be that guy and have two regular-sized lightsabers with special crystals.

One contains the crystal known as the Heart of the Guardian, which gives off a yellow-orange color and can give the user unique powers depending on how the saber is used.

The second lightsaber contains the crystal known as the Mantle of the Force, which is silvery-blue. This crystal grants the user increased power when using the Force.

And if I’m a scrub and don’t get these in KOTOR, then I’ll settle for the Maulkiller preorder bonus from TFU II that had a set of silver lightsaber crystals that granted more damage dealt by all attacks.


A green version of Kylo’s saber…

cause reasons.

There actually was one of those in Rebels.
It was thousands of years old, though, and it broke.

Dark saber without question. Black of course