What do the Bionicle-stories say about the human condition?

What do the Bionicle-stories say about the human condition and how is that connected to the theme of Bionicle?
Note: The human condition are issues that are universal to all human beings regardless of time or space.
Note: Theme here is a sentence that describes what the story is trying to illustrate. For example, “Humans comply to the demands of the collective when pressured be peers”. It is here not a moral stand-point. It is here also not a motif, although they are used interchangeable, such as “Heroism”, “Goodness” or “unity”.
Note: I read that in a storyguide that the story of Bionicle is on a superficial-level an action-adventure story, however it is in reality a commentary about human civilization (or something along those lines). I would via the above question explore this further.