What do you do with your MOCs?

  • Keep them forever
  • Keep them until the next MOC

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I was just curious… what do people do with thier MOCs? Do you make them and keep them forver? Keep them until you make a new MOC that may need parts from the previous one?
I personally usually go with the 2nd option, as I only have a limited amout of parts I can use for my MOCs. What about you?


I think that forever is too big of a word tho.

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Can’t edit the poll unfortunately…

I usually build them, take pictures, and then let them sit until i need to scrap them for pieces.


That depends on the M.O.C


I’ve kept a few of my most recent builds together but for the most part I disassemble them after about a month or so because I tend to use the same parts for my mocs.


I’ve had the same team of characters with me for four and a half years now, and these specific iterations of the characters spent about two years sitting on the shelf since their base versions in 2016 and some updates made in 2018.

Since I rarely MOC nowadays though, there’s a good chance that these characters might stick with me forever. I still have enough pieces and a few sets from 2017 to be scrapped, so I don’t think I’ll touch my old characters until I work on a character design that requires specific pieces from an older one.


Usually MOCs I built are judged by an ‘are they good enough’ standard. As my standards constantly improve, I recoil in disgust at a lot of my older creations, but some - like a rather accurate but also rather simple K-2SO reclining on the beach - I retire simply due to overexposure. I’ve shown him off at conventions for at least three years now; I think it’s finally time for him to say goodbye.

There’s a lot of creations that I intend to keep around indefinitely that I’ve never posted on the boards for a multitude of reasons.


I keep needing parts sooo off to the demolishment they go!

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