What do you guys think Takua's kanohi should be before his pakari?

I have a few ideas on what his kanohi should be

-mask of psychometry

-noble huna (for that one rare yellow prototype huna)

-noble or regular kaukau



I think noble ruru would be funny, because light, but I think 3 matorans in the future chronicler’s company having ruru is a bit insane, so…

How about noble Mahiki? Mask of illusion, that’s kinda fitting. It also goes well with the noble Komau that Jala would’ve had, being a similar shape and design.

Alternatively, I’d like to address one I thought was actually canon up until now; @Msw41’s choice, the Rau

Msw41 lists in his post here that he thinks Takua would have a Rau because of it’s symbolism with Ahkmou’s deception and Nokama’s wisdom, which I’d agree is a good choice


Maybe it was Avohi?

A slightly different pakari.


In one old story, I gave him a Rode.