What Do You Predict the Future of TTV Will Be?

Unlike my other posts. This is a serious question.

What do you think will happen to TTV say. . . 10-30 years in the future?

I think that eventually people will unfortunately loose interest in Lego and turn towards games and digital media. I think two things will happen.

  1. Either TTV will disband
  2. Or TTV will start producing content other than Lego.

And also I think Eljay will be the only survivor left due to him annoying all the others away. /s

Feel free to leave your predictions below!



other then the points you listed, the future will be hard to predict… but… I assume we can rule out them becoming a business, having their own merchandise outside of shirts and fanmade stuff, etc

I can assume they’ll record all of the current run of bonkles and ninjago however


Well probably after G2 bonkle ends the channel will become more oriented towards lego as a whole and videogames

That’s what people said during the last 10 years.

IMO, I think Lego’ll be fine for a while.


I have literally written a ton of stuff about this.
Everyone knows that they disband and get picked off one by one by an evil organization, obviously.
However, in 10 years the cast will probably be completely different from what it is now, or they will have disbanded.


Running applego and branching of into tte.


I disagree with you entirely. LEGO has been running a strong subculture for at least ten years, probably longer, and is starting to enter the mainstream with the success of the LEGO Movie etc. Even if it’s not as popular as it is now LEGO will still have a strong fanbase, due to the fact that as we speak kids are playing with LEGO that will grow up with that interest kept running by the community. TTV retiring is entirely plausible, but LEGO interest dying is all but unthinkable.


I agree. I just think it will eventually become unpopular. But probably not in 10-30 years like the post said.

Meso and Var will be still on it.

Eljay dies from a ATV Explode.

Kahi become a Mayor of some town.

Venom become She-Venom.

Exx and the other guy host their own podcast.

Viper become a LEGO Store Manger.


TTV will disband and be forgotten within the next decade, unless it really becomes popular…

at that point, it’ll be unrecognizable from its old BIONICLE roots.



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AppLego will become a thing and the cast members will be assassinated by future LJ after he turns to the dark side.


No. Future Eljay is from Kreosoft. He is alerting them of only Applego and Megooblocks to take attention off of Kreo and Microsoft. It’s the ultimate plan.


I think TTV will end with castmembers gradually moving on with their lives (getting jobs, getting married, having kids, etc.). Hopefully, a new cast will take their place until Lego either cancels constraction or goes bankrupt for some reason. By that time, TTV could have upwards of 100,00 subscribers. Also, I would hope this new cast doesn’t destroy the channel, and gives us something new. Also also, I hope I’m not still watching TTV when they finally shut down (if it takes as long as I predict).

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