What Do You Really Look Like?

Edit, oh, whoops, Romanian, the flag's lines are flipped.

No, the flag in the back is the Hungary Flag. I took this picture while visiting Budapest (The Capital of Hungary).

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Whoops sorry, I'm still trying to figure out all of the Balkan flags and smaller European flags.


My slowy eyes


This kong has a funny face


Oh wow.
Thats amazing.

From Where do you have that Akaku in real-life size?

From the depths of my uninspired imagination.

Seriously, from where did you get it?

There’s a pepakura version online somewhere I do believe.

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Has anyone told you that you look very similar to Jason from BrickShow? I am not kidding!

Lasagna man protects all who walk the path.


A beautiful horizontal individual

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Lasagna man protects all who walk the path
Lasagna man, you shall not fear his wrath
Lasagna man is the light at the end of the tunnel
Lasagna man helps you pour items through funnels
Lasagna man, oh as bright as the sun
Lasagna man, oh you are number one
Lasagna man here, lasagna man there
Lasagna man will protect you everywhere


Decided to get my hair shorter


You look happier.

Now, which one is him, either the guy in the tie or the guy in the ■■■■■

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Which one of of those guys are you?

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This is why I’m never revealing my face here, other people might cringe but me? I’d regret it so much

I’m afraid of showing it.
I just don’t like it

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