What do you think of Mata Nui? (the character. not the island :D )

what do you think of mata nui’s personality?
also, do you like him and how he acts as “ruler” of the matoran universe?

my opinion is the following:

what do i think of mata nui’s personality?
i don’t like him. EVERYTHING that happened to the matoran and toa is his fault.
that’s everything i’m going to say for now.

do i like him and how he acts as “ruler” of the matoran universe?
no. he made so many mistakes. and i’m just not okay with the fact that matoro had to sacrifice himself
for someone who was just too incompetent to look at the people that live in his body.

maybe i’m getting some wrong or i’m just confused at the moment, but i really think mata nui is a bad person.

so what do you think?

I don’t so much think Mata-Nui’s a bad person as much as I think…he’s kinda stupid. Like, he has good to okay intent, but good lord does it end up failing horribly. Like, creating the Makuta to populate his universe with Rahi. He had no real way of knowing they’d turn, but you’d think that giving them shadow powers would be a bad idea.

unless my theory that elemental shadowt and fundamental shadow are two different things.

No excuse for just assuming that nothing would go wrong on Spherus Magan and just ditching everyone though.


I think the character was written pretty bland when it came to TLR. He could have been written to be a lot more interesting.


that’s true. he had kind of a boring personality :confused:

He’s brilliant, of course.


What do you think of Asimo?

You know that cool robot Honda’s been working on…

Well, what do you think of his personality?

Wait, he doesn’t have a personality?
Yah he does. He can laugh and dance and make jokes…

Nope, he only does what he’s been programmed to. Asimo has no personality. Mata Nui was made with no personality. The Matoran, Toa, etc. had no personality.

Until… Something happened…

Greg Farshtey said on his interview with TTV that someone messaged him saying,“Was Velika the reason the Matoran gained a personality?”

Greg told TTV that he could see Velika throwing a monkey wrench in the whole system. (I don’t remember the exact wording.)

Also in one of the serials Angonance said to himself that Mata Nui and the Matoran should not have had personality.

So, to stop them he was going to unleash some sort of army of Toa Destroyers upon the Toa and wipe em’ out. (What if they are the Skull Spiders?)

So what do we know?

  • The Great Beings created Mata Nui and it’s inhabitants with basic function and no personality.

  • Something happened that caused them to gain personality.

  • Mata Nui got his personality on Bara Magna.

  • The Great Beings were horrified that they had gained a will of their own and plan to end them for it.

Remember Mata Nui was created to leave and observe other worlds and their biology, collect information, return home and restore Spherus Magna. Not take care of his body. That was the Brotherhood of Makutas’ job…

Don’t blame Mata Nui for his mistakes. Blame whoever gave Makuta his personality.


I think Mata Nui can be… a D-bag at times. He knows he is a powerful being, and if you pay attention to certain parts of the story, he is kinda of an A-word. But his intentions are good. He also doesn’t do much compared to other characters such as Makuta or some Tao. We kinda just accept him to be what he is cause the story told us too. So overall he is a bland person(or being) with good intentions… Though I do not think he would be the best leader. Only because he is seen as a religious figure, and religion and government should be separated(personal opinion, sorry if I offended anyone).

If you’re Immune System turned against to what would you do?

You can’t do anything by your own power. It’s inside you. It’s what’s supposed to protect you from threats like this. So, what do you do?

See a doctor, get prescribed and take medication.

The pills you take go in your body and fight the virus for you. You can’t do anything, but hope they win.

In the same way, Mata Nui was made with pre-prescriptions. The Great Beings thought of everything.

When Mata Nui faced a problem he would use the tools the Great Beings made him. *notable tool where the Toa who came in Toa canisters.

Mata Nui wasn’t meant to do anything, besides leave, learn, come home and restore Spherus Magna. The Toa and the Brotherhood of Makuta would take care of his body for him.

Like I said whoever gave anyone their personality inside Mata Nui is at fault, not Mata Nui.

Mata Nui was not a god or religious figure. He was just a really powerful robot.

Mata Nui was not a leader either. (He had to learn to become a leader on Bara Magna.)

Mata Nui was a somewhat simple robot who had a very simple purpose.

And true, if Makuta never gained his personality no one would have died or gone through so much turmoil

But, we also never would have met Tahu or seen the island of Mata Nui.
We never would have seen the Mask of Light or Life.

The Matoran would have been mindless robots with only the purpose the master gave them. They would never had been free.

If none of this ever happened,
Mata Nui would never no what good is. He would live, complete his duty and die.

So Mata Nui wasn’t a jerk, he was mindless. But, now through what’s happened he can live and choose to do what he wants for once, he’s free!

In the end Mata Nui let the Toa and Glatorian choose their fate. He will not interfere because he understands that he is not fit to be their leader. And, he chose that willingly.


wow. very, very well spoken…

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Did he have flaws? Yes. Lots of them. However, I feel the way they developed his charcter from cocky and arrogant (causing all the problems the Toa faced) to much more understanding was compelling to say the least.

lol, this is an old topic to be posting on haha

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Mata Nui as a character is kinda meh, like he is like Azir (failed emperor of his kingdom trying to reclaim what once was).