What Do You Think Of The Controversial Red Star?

So I want this to be a general “talk about whatever you want” topic for the very controversial Red Star. The Red Star, for people who don’t know, is a device that brings dead being from the Matoran Universe back to life. I want to know what others think to help see how much people like/dislike the Red Star.

I think it’s just plain weird for a Satellite to reviled the dead is very weird for my taste of fiction.

I’ve warmed to the idea, and once considered continuing the RS serial.


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I feel the Red star is weak to fan service. I am okay with the concept, but in action it seems sort of like a Deus Ex Machina to me. And no, the limited range is not an effective nerf.

Wasn’t very pleased when the reveal turned out to be that the Red Star was not a mythical prophetic star, but in fact a convenient teleportor hospital that made nearly every death not matter.

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I missed out on my opportunity to explore MNOG until recently, so my first experience with the Red Star was when it zapped six Matoran into chain-link fence busters. I thought that was strange then, and to this day it remains one of my lesser-liked set explanations (though not the least- below it are the simultaneous Nuva ‘tube transformations’ and the golden armor nuke-from-nowhere; my rock-bottom worst is still the adaptive armor and its eye-shielding technology).

When I read about the Star’s true function later on biosector I didn’t mind it all that much. There’s not to my knowledge any way a new Matoran can be made aside from a Great Being (or Makuta, I suppose) doing it, so it makes sense they’d try and repair the ones they started with. The designated area would need to be fairly large to hold all the ones that could need repairing in the event of a disaster… since so much of the robot is full of the stuff it needs for its prime directive, why not put it on the booster engine? And since they could die anywhere, why not have a teleportation system that could pick 'em up from anywhere? It all seems very plausible, especially from the guys whose answer to a planet-wide catastrophe was to build a gigantic robot and let it figure out how to fix the problem. Effective, sure, but is it efficient? Who knows.

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It’s a great big ball of convenience and loss of consequence.


I don’t like it, but the story serials stopped, so maybe it doesn’t matter either way.

I like the idea of the Red Star being a machine made by the Great Beings that helps the robot fly, but the whole weird hospital thing is dumb.

I like the idea of it helping the GSR

I hate it being the zombie maker

I know many people think the Red Star is stupid, or unnecessary, but I am put in awe by the concept.
Another thing, remember in mask of light when Kopaka falls and his blade sticks into his back causing his eyes to close?
Well, since Toa are after all biological and humanoid in shape we can assume that a Toa’s spinal cord runs through his/her back. So being stabbed in the back would lead to a DEADLY wound.
I think that in that particular scene of the movie Kopaka dies.
He comes back because he had a body to come back to (Red Star fixed him).
All in all I am a fan of the Red Star.

I highly doubt Lego intended that to be Kopaka getting stabbed. I mean, this is a kid’s theme!

Edit: yeah, upon closer inspection, the swords are nowhere near Kopaka’s body.

Well it could have just been a subtle reference. I mean it isn’t like there havent been deaths shown in Bionicle movies.

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True, but there’s a difference between someone being hit by a shadow blast and being outright stabbed.

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Keetongu smashed Sidorak’s skull in!!

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that was off-screen, really.

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Skip to 3:15

You can also see small bits of debris coming from the bottom of the shot when Keetongu brings his fists down.

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From an initial story standpoint, most people hate the Red Star because it removes all of the consequences of death, that being said, from a deeper story standpoint, particularly a world building standpoint, it makes sense that the great beings would include a fail-safe. I mean, as far as the great beings are concerned, the entire MU is just one giant machine, the Red Star serving as part of that machine, not only as transportation, but as self maintenance.