What does the canon Pehkui really look like?

Nobody knows the true canonized form of the kanohi pehkui…

…And no one ever did.

I mean, think about it, no other toa haga have there own masks because norik and iruni are the only 2 toa hagah in bionicle to have sets of there own.

And what’s very embarrassing, the only existing mask which was very unique then the others is irunis. The mask of quick travel


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The Kanohi Pehkui is one of my favorite masks power-wise, and the shape it takes for Norik is one of my favorite mask designs.

In my headcanon a Kanohi Pehkui looks exactly as it does on Norik. In this headcanon, a great Kiril looks completely different from a noble Kiril, so noble Kirils and great Pehkuis just happen to look very similar. I know that directly contradicts canon, but it allows my favorite mask design and power to be one in the same, and I thought it was worth sharing.

But canonically, the Hagah’s Kanohi are of course just honoring past Toa. Iruini’s Kualsi is a Kualsi because he’s honoring another Toa who wore a Kualsi.

I never liked the idea of the masks not being their canonical designs either. I think my headcanon for the Pehkui would’ve been a better explanation for Norik wearing a Kiril. or they could’ve just said he was wearing a Kiril. Just one of the sillier things in canon IMO, and I kinda wish it wasn’t a thing.

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Just remember
Norik wore a mask to honor the toa who wore a great kiril

I definitely agree with this. I’d have been fine if the Canon Contests went so far as to retcon Norik’s mask into a standard Pehkui.

I don’t particularly mind the use of non-standard masks on the Hagah, given their backstory, but I strongly dislike the way that it set a precedent for people to claim that other Toa might have non-standard mask shapes as well, be they MOCs or headcanons of official characters; standard shapes exist for a reason.

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When I was younger I just assumed that the Pehkui and Kiril were the same shape :laughing:

In that case we should have a Canon contest

Who can create the best of the best 5 remaining non hagah masks to become canonized

The winner will have the mask canonized into a card game i am making

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I really like Galva’s version of the mask.


Hang on… I got idea

Looks like an elda actually

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How that you say it, it really does. It’s not my favorite but Red Star Forge has a good pehkui as well.


I wonder if Greg is going to create canonize counterparts?

I’m gonna channel my inner Greg and see if I can figure out what he’d give as the canon answer.


It looks exactly like Norik’s Kiril transmog. Oh, and it always has to be silver. Anything else makes it look like a Kiril, and its powers won’t work for some reason.


Nah it’d be more like
“Greg, what does the canon Pehkui look like?”


“… Well? Sure what?”

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The Red Star Forge Hagah masks are too complex for my liking. Maybe these would work as Nuva for me, but as just Great masks it’s a bit much.

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Random idea: what if we make the hagah’s true mask shapes based on their spears? Such as the Pehkui resembling the lava spear and the mask of emulation sharing textures from the avalanche spear. That way, the masks can still fit with the mocs.