What Else Has Valkitus Been Up To? (MoC Showcase)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and my Toa Hagah entries were only the beginning of my hopeful return to the the message boards. In the time since, I’ve made a few Mocs. Most down have names but I figured I would show what I’ve worked on. All of these could be separate topics but I wanted to get them out of the way and work on other stuff now. Enjoy!

Creature/Villain Set Wave

Matoran/Turaga Sets

Random Villains


I really like all these, welcome back!

Always like MOCs that look like they could be released as sets.

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I just hate seeing Mocs that look cool but you can’t really mess with them. Seeing one channel review all the fanon Mocs has made me cringe a bit because of how they can’t pose at all without support. It’s a shame. The only thing I’ve not tried yet is making a Titan size moc.

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