What Gundam Models (Gunpla) would you like to see remade?

I would like to know what older Gunpla you all would like to see Bandai remake with modern engineering and techniques.

They have already been doing something like this with the High Grade Revive line. What kits would you like to see next in this line?

Personally, I would like to see a remade Gogg or Acguy. Normally, my answer would be the Gyan, but they are already making that :smile:


I want a new bearguy

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The thing is, I mean existing kits you would like to see updated with new engineering, and Beargguy is fairly recent (though he is based on an older kit, the HGUC Acguy).

I dont care I want a new beargguy

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So do I, I'm just saying that doesn't really belong in this topic :slight_smile:

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Beargguy is love, trev out

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I honestly dunno. I don't know much of Gunpla.

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Double X.

Love that design.

Also, could we get a G-Falcon with that?

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Everything from G.

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Never seen it or am really familiar with the models.

Personally, I think the HGUC kits should be the immediate focus. All of my favorites of the original series such as the GM's, Acguy, Gogg (including Hy-Gogg), and Z'Gok have really outdated model kits with poor engineering based on today's standards.

While I am happy my favorite Mobile Suit, the YMS-15 Gyan is getting the Revive treatment, we really need more than one or two a year, since they have a lot of great MS designs that haven't unlocked their true Gunpla potential.

All of the G Gundam suits have racially or culturally insensitive or just plain gimmicky designs.

For example, Neo France's gundam has a Napoleon hat

Neo America's gundam has boxing gloves and pecs.

It's just so good.


This sounds interesting. Would you consider the kits outdated?

back then

1/100 was considered HG

so yeah


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Everything old from G (Be made into 2.0 MG), EZ8, GP01/2/3, Gundam Alex, the aquatic suits (such as Gogg, Hy-Gogg, etc...)

Their articulation and posing is really good, but yes they do need a revamp. Their hands are rubber btw.

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You mean Hy-Gogg?

Oops, lol. Just fixed it.

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The master grade victory 2 and the star winning.

A MG Transient and Try Burning would be lit.

Also maybe a remade PG Unit 01? It's not Gunpla but ya know.

the 1/100 F91 kits.

or at least a rerelase, ■■■■■■.

MG Ex-s Gundam... We really need a new Ex-s Gundam.