What Happened To HeroSector01?

Anyone remember HS01, the counterpart to BS01 for Hero Factory? It got closed down due to server issues back around the time BIONICLE came back. The last info I can find on it is this post from Meiko:

“As soon as Swert and I figure out what we’re going to do with the server the site’s running on, it’s offline to save resources so that BS01 can run more stably now that Bionicle information is popular and getting heavier traffic than it has in several years. Hopefully we’ll have the server stuff sorted out in the coming weeks, but certainly will be back before 2015 from what I’ve talked to Swert about.”

Well, Bionicle came and left, no one really misses it, but we do miss HF, and yet HS01 is still RIP. Was It simply given a new name, or just cancelled permanently? I would certainly like to see it come back – for there is no HF wiki now aside from Wikia.



Maybe this guys were jealous on Bionicle, so after it came back, they canceled it. The hole thing would be something like this:
HS01: We will bring the site back soon.
You: OK cool.
2000 years later
You: How about now?
HS01: What? Hero Factory is canceled from a lot of time! Why should we remake the site?
I would love to read it.

I think it went down right before BIONICLE came back and they were planning on fixing it but I guess never got around to it because they’re lazy because they don’t have the time or the something.

I’ve been wanting it back, though. I kinda want to go on an HF nostalgia trip.

There was a similar topic to this on BZPower, posted around the time BIONICLE was coming back. According to Swert, one of the managers, "-it was taken offline to save resources so that BS01 could run more stably given that Bionicle information [was] popular and getting heavier traffic than it [had] in several years.`

Now that BIONICLE has ended again though, I’m genuinely curious as to why it’s still down.


I’d love to see it back, but I doubt I’ll be able to.

Intense sobbing.

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HeroSector01 was a good place. Never went to it though.