What happened to the site?

So a lot of Boards members (and by a lot I mean most of the active ones) have noticed something is really off about the Boards UI currently. Elements like message borders and blue overlays over sent messages have appeared, functions like emoji reacting to posts are straight-up gone, user pfps will scoot to the left at the top and bottom of the screen, and the layout for notifications is entirely different.

What happened? is this a planned update, or did the forums host change their layout unexpectedly?


The site was in Read-Only mode for a while, which probably has something to do with it

oh wait a sec I this just popped up


Oh wait

I guess this didn’t load in time for me to notice before the topic :shrimp: might as well flag the topic now that the answer has presented itself

Glad that it’s being dealt with, along with other things. Keep up the good work, Meso!