What Happens when Natural Selection Takes a Day Off (Mesonak MOC)

Obvious TTV talks joke is obvious.

anyways, I decided to make a 2.0 version of everyone’s favorite non-cannon skullman, @Mesonak

C&C Welcome.


It’s kinda messy but I really like it


Dr Hy-Vee

totally not a knock-off

MOC itself is cool though.


Goodness this is very large I think you did meso proud.

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I freaked out when I saw this, it’s too good. I love almost everything about this. I need instructions for those torso/shoulder armor designs like yesterday. It looks so bulky and imposing. Too good.

Props for including the cape as well, lol. Great work, man. :'D



I give this a solid 7/10, three points deducted due to no seagulls being harmed #Skullsb4Seagulls


Man this is awesome, the shoulders look sweet!


I love it.

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Well, holy crap!

didn’t expect this fast of a turnout!


@Umarak @Tobin-Bartram @Hutere @Vicroen thanks!

@Saxton I’m a Midwesterner. sue me already.

@Winterstorm345 so, I need to add some seagulls getting clubbed?

@Mesonak glad ya like it! the basic shoulder skeleton is the exact same as my 1st Meso MOC, just with slightly different parts.

also, who wants instructions for the basic frame?


Sauron went to the edgy side of the force.

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That’s a real behemoth of a moc.

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Nice MOC.

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Really good, but the forearms seem awkward in design.

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He has shoulderpads of doom, and it’s awesome. :grin:


He has the perfect amount of clunkiness. And I love it, and everything about this MOC.

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spooky lookin

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This is large, but really messy. The shaping on the shins is really weird, the color blocking seems random, and the construction of the forearms seems lazy. Sorry if I sounded harsh, the size of this MoC is definitely impressive, I just feel like it needs work in some areas.


TBH, there’s a lot of awkwardness on those shoulders (As in, they become odd blobs rather than shoulderpads), the right arm is cluttered, and the photography’s too shaky. Otherwise, the shaping of the torso and weapon design are great highlights of this MOC. GG, Sammy.

Also, I’m late. Gee, wow, something obligatorily thrown in.

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the right arm is the same as the left.

the shoulderpads are the same as my previous Mesonak (could say they were blobs as well, but it doesn’t matter, this thing was already scrapped)

F**k bad vision AND angles. I thought the right arm had a Piraka forearm, and the left a custom one. Either way, the extent of the armor feels fairly… awkward. Traditional CCBS shells would probably do bettter, but the custom design is cool I guess…

Dismantling a MOC doesn’t resolve a single issue. I could go on and on about how all my MOCs have been dismantled, and that critique won’t help, but that doesn’t matter. Critique isn’t just for the particular MOC; it’s for future MOCcing, and you know that just as well as anyone else.

On the other hand, the rest of the MOC is still pretty good. Maybe try some cohesion in the digitigrade legs, but it’s all really solid.

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