what if G2 Skull Spider minions?

What if the Skull Spiders had some more minions to flesh out their horde?

from left to right we’ve got: Skull Gremlin, used for front lines and carrying equipment. Next the Skull Lurker, used for spying and stealth missions. And finally its the Skull Rusher, for fast and effective damage to buildings, crops, and okotans.

built for @Rons_oc What If? contest
C&C as always


There’s some pretty nice small parts usage here. All three look nice, but my favorite is probably the Lurker. It just looks like something that really could’ve appeared in G2. neat mocs.


Really cool idea.

Skull Gremlin is really cool, and scariest out of the bunch, with best colors. Skull Lurker is very good in shape and looks most like a spider out of three (I also really like the hands and the mouth), but a spider wearing a headband is weird. Skull Rusher has great legs, best limbs out of the three, but white and red clash with the other colors hard.

I like how first is humanoid, second spiderlike, and third avian.


this would have been great to see in g2!

If they had these in G2, I would have bought more sets! These are nice! It reminds me of the different variants of enemies in the Nexo Knights game…

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yeah that annoyed me to. its to hold the second skull spider mask to it
thanks @DuneToa and @Rhyla416
@Rukah I’m quite happy with how Lurker came out too, as it was the last one made so he was harder to make visually different